Li Jiexun Won Second Prize in Zherong's "Safe Paper-cutting" Campaign



Recently, in the Zherong "Safety" cultural publicity paper-cutting activity, Lijiexun's paper-cutting work "Safe Production-The Source of Enterprise Life" won the second place. As a part of the construction of enterprise culture, the construction of safety culture is also an important part of production safety management and quality management. The construction of safety culture is the key driver to promote enterprise safety and enhance employee safety awareness. Since its establishment, Lijiexun has attached great importance to production safety. It has set up a quality management organization responsible for drug quality and safety and a safety management organization responsible for production safety in pharmaceutical factories. It has established a sound quality management system, invested necessary special funds for safety, set up systematic safety facilities, regularly carried out safety publicity and education, and organized employees to participate in safety drills of fire brigade, It has ensured that there are no accidents in production for many years, it also effectively guarantees the quality and safety of drugs.