Rejuvenation Pharmacy is a nationally certified high-tech enterprise.

8300 million.

In the last 3 years, the company has invested in research and development.

4 Item

international invention patent

14 % +

Proportion of R & D personnel

23 Item

Invention patent authorization

Four provincial technology platforms

Fujian Province

High-end pharmaceutical preparation Shanhai Collaborative Innovation Center

Fujian Province

Freeze-dried Powder Injection Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center

Fujian Province

Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

Fujian Province

Pseudostellaria heterophylla resources development and utilization enterprise key laboratory

Focus on innovation to improve core competitiveness


Famous Pharmaceutical R & D Enterprises in Fujian Province

◎ Honorary Qualification : Won "National High-tech Enterprise ", "Fujian Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise", "2020 Fujian Top 100 Strategic Emerging Industry Enterprises", "Fujian Province' Specialized Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Characteristics)" and "Fujian Innovative Enterprises", etc.;


Focus on product innovation research and development

◎ Citicoline Sodium Tablets Won "Third Prize of Excellent New Products in Fujian Province" ;

◎ Compound Pseudostellaria Granules and Compound Pseudostellaria Oral Liquid are the exclusive products of the company. The company has undertaken "Research on Evaluation Index of Quality Standard of Zherong Pseudostellaria heterophylla" Provincial Major Scientific Research Project ;

◎ Omeprazole Sodium for Injection won the third prize of "Ningde Science and Technology Progress Award", has passed the consistency evaluation ;

◎ terlipressin for injection has undertaken "research on terlipressin for injection" provincial major scientific research project . this product is declared according to the new registration classification of chemical drugs and is deemed to have passed the consistency evaluation. besides the original research drugs, the company's terlipressin for injection is the second product in the Chinese market that is deemed to have passed the consistency evaluation of .


Build multi-level R & D pipeline

◎ Class 1 innovative drug rupatifen fumarate capsule is a brand-new compound, leuprorelin acetate microspheres for injection (3 months sustained release) is a long-term sustained and controlled release high-end preparation and other research and development projects item ;

innovative drug : class 1 innovative drug rupatifen fumarate capsule has completed phase I clinical practice and will soon carry out phase ii clinical practice, leuprorelin acetate microspheres for injection (3-month sustained release), a long-acting sustained and controlled release high-end preparation, have completed a pilot study and are currently being carried out.

Generic Drug : Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection and Omeprazole Sodium for Injection have passed the consistency evaluation. Ambroxol Oral Solution has submitted an ANDA application and is currently in the registration and supplement stage, voltioxetine Hydrobromide Tablets and Roxatidine Hydrochloride Acetate for Injection have been submitted to ANDA and are currently under review and approval.