Training Development


Talent Concept

The sage lives on the side of the former wise
The sage has both ability and political integrity

Training Development

The cause is flourishing because of talents, and talents gather because of their career. Lijiexun has always attached great importance to the cultivation of talents. We strive to build a perfect training system, so that employees can be guaranteed to become talents, have channels for growth, and have praise for success. We should reasonably excavate, develop and cultivate the company's strategic reserve talent team, so as to provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the sustainable development of the company, at the same time, it also provides more space for talents to display their talents.


Management System Training

The 2022 Guan Peisheng's "Unlimited Possibilities in the Future" Theme Expansion Activities!

In order to smelt the team spirit, strengthen the team cohesion and establish the belief of winning together, the Human Resources Department organized the 2022 Guan Peisheng's "Unlimited Possibilities in the Future" theme expansion activities. Hot summer, passion. In the morning, we went to Baihua Village to show our cooking skills. In the afternoon, we went to the end of Booling to have fun games while experiencing the beautiful scenery. Finally, we showed our personal talents to our instructors.

Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Phase III Provincial Academic Manager Training Camp

In order to improve the professional quality of academic managers in various provinces and regions and promote the mastery of products and related knowledge and skills, our company held the third phase of the provincial academic manager training camp in Fuzhou on August 27 and 28, 2020. due to the impact of the epidemic, the activity was carried out in an "online and offline" mode.

Cohesion, Sharing and Co-creation -2018 Lijiexun Compound Taizishen Granules Sharing Meeting

From June 29 to 30, 2018, Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held the "2018 Compound Taizishen Granules Sharing Meeting" in Zherong, the production base ". More than 50 Li Jie Xun sales elites gathered from all over the country to enjoy a passionate sharing feast...

Professional training

Build a strong security line, "safe production" we are in action

In order to implement the company's instructions on carrying out the 2022 "safe production month" activities, promote the implementation of various measures for safe production, and further do a good job in the company's production safety work. On June 28, the production safety month theme activity of "abiding by the safety production law and being the first responsible person" was carried out in the exhibition hall on the first floor of the inspection building. The activities include: safety production general education, safety production training, safety production knowledge competition, watching safety production accident videos, etc. More than 100 pharmaceutical factory employees participated in the activity.

The first advanced training meeting-focus, professionalism and empowerment

On May 8, 2021, the first advanced training meeting of Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.-focus, professionalism and empowerment "was successfully held in Century Jinyuan Hotel. Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"Focus, Professionalism, Empowerment" Phase II Advanced Training Meeting

On June 30, 2021, the marketing department of lijiexun pharmaceutical organized a "focus, professionalism and empowerment" advanced training meeting, which invited more than 50 partners from Fujian province to attend the meeting.

Skills training

Professional makeup training sharing meeting

The definition of beauty is a big problem in human history. Socrates once said that "beauty is difficult". There are thousands of people in the world, and everyone has his own beauty. After entering the workplace, it is not only a change in mentality but also dressing. It is necessary to change from the lively and lovely campus to capable and concise. The change in style will be unacceptable for a while. But in fact, beauty is an attitude towards life. As long as you are good at discovering your own beauty from different angles, you will always find the little surprises that life brings you. Even if you are a working woman, you can be beautiful and different.

Lijiexun Production Base Held 2018 Fire Safety Training: Preventing "Unburned"

In response to the government's implementation of fire safety responsibilities, employees should be strengthened to understand fire protection knowledge and master the correct use of fire extinguishers and escape methods. On September 21, 2018, the company organized all employees of the factory department to carry out fire protection knowledge training and fire emergency plan drills.

Six Effective Speeches Training Activities

For the speech, do you have such troubles: nervous, confused, at a loss, not vivid, not attractive, persuasive, infectious... Then the Dragon Boat Festival benefits are coming, and Yousu Education has brought Lijiexun students a course based on speech theory and aimed at improving speech power-"Six Effective Speeches"