The 2nd May Day Labor Skills Competition Successfully Concluded



The 2nd May Day Labor Skills Competition Successfully Concluded

2017 5# May 13 , the 2 Zherong County Pharmaceutical Industry Labor Skills Competition kicked off. This competition is sponsored by the Federation of Trade Unions and the Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and undertaken by Lijiexun Pharmaceutical, Guangshengtang Pharmaceutical and other units. More than 300 contestants from 6 enterprises in the county took part in the competition. After 1 days of fierce competition, the final teams have achieved good results.

at 8 am 50 , the general opening ceremony of the competition was held in Guangsheng Hall, while the opening ceremony was held simultaneously in the Lijiexun sub-field. The opening ceremony was presided over by the chairman of the county general union and delivered an opening speech.

This competition is divided into Lijiexun competition area, Guangshengtang competition area and Tianman Pharmaceutical competition area. Different events will be held respectively. Among them, the Lijiexun competition area is divided into 7 competition items such as light inspection technology and process flow chart design.

(Lamp Inspection Technical Skills Competition)

(Process Flow Chart Competition)

(Die Assembly Skills Competition)

(Electromechanical Comprehensive Maintenance Skills Competition)

A day of intense competition, on the afternoon of 5 June 13 , each division successfully completed all competitions. The award ceremony was held in each competition field. According to the competition results of the participating players, the Federation of Trade Unions selected 11 "Gold Medal Worker " from the first winners of each competition event and awarded honorary medals. Among them, three colleagues of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. won the honorary medals of "Gold Medal Worker " .

(awarding bonus)

(awarding ceremony of "gold medal worker")

In the warm applause at the scene, the 2ndth "Labor Skills Competition" came to a successful conclusion in a tense and warm atmosphere.