[Original] Pursuit-Zheng Dongjing (Marketing Department)



The pressure of modern people is great, and it takes a lot of courage to live according to their own wishes.

If you want to live the life you like, you need to give up a lot and take on a lot.

When people are fighting for cars, houses and tickets.

doesn't need these, but everyone around you has them, and it doesn't seem to work if you are indifferent.

want to live freely and have their own land.

There is a man who works every day at sunrise and rest at sunset.

There is no need to be born in this era when farmers went out to work for cars, houses and tickets.

As a new generation of migrant workers, there are many helpless, unable to fully integrate into the countryside, and unable to return to the countryside.

Only forward, forward. Involved in the values of the times.

struggle, I don't know where to start, a junior high school graduate, and what can I do.

This society makes me have too much helplessness and too much confusion.

Too much pressure I don't want to bear. I have been running away from it all the time, but where can I escape?

I feel that life is doomed to drift, and when can I find the end-result of life.

Pursuit, Pursuit…