[Original] Goodbye, my university-Li Yan (Quality Control Department)



In this day that once belonged to the beginning of school, I have no chance to tidy up the dormitory and wait for each of you to return. In such days, there is no longer the expectation of the past, no longer the specialty of the past, no longer the reunion of the past. After

6. leave gradually in July, we can no longer wait for our school to start.

Every holiday in the past, in the busy final exam and looking forward to going home, ushered in the inevitable parting. But this time the parting, with different from the previous busy and sad, home, seems to have no previous expectations; leave, suddenly become so sad. Once we waved goodbye without hesitation, because we all knew each other that we would meet again in the near future. And now, a farewell, how long will it take to get together again? No one has the answer.

Life is really a journey full of unknowns, and no one can predict the future. When I met four years ago, you and you became my traveling companions in this journey of my life. From the first acquaintance of strangers, to now sad parting. In the past four years, you who accompanied me to laugh, you who accompanied me to be bored, you who accompanied me to be sad, and you who accompanied me to work hard, finally left at the corner of this journey and went to your own life. And I finally returned to my original journey alone.

When I first parted, I may have gotten used to the separation in June and July every year. Maybe I subconsciously thought that this time was the same as before. Maybe I still had fantasies that I didn't even know in my heart. That's why I was not so sad, that's why I was not so lost, that's why I was as cool as ever. I didn't start school this September. So I can't go back to our dormitory, there is no waiting for you, and I can't look forward to our reunion. As a result, sadness suddenly swept me away and made me realize the illusion of meeting in my dream. When you wake up, you also leave. I barefoot, facing the bright light outside the window, to you, to our university, say goodbye.

Goodbye to my roommates and goodbye to my university.