Awesome, my sisters.



Awesome, my sisters.

Every year on March 8, Lijiexun always prepares rich activities for the company's goddesses, such as flower arrangement and cake making. This year is no exception. We chose to watch the movie "Great, My Country".

Early this morning, the company handed the roses representing happiness to the goddesses. The budding roses symbolize a bright future, as if also symbolizing the future of Lijiexun.

finally waited until the bell of 12 o'clock with a good mood. everyone packed up and started to leave for the dining place. today's lunch was Korean barbecue. due to the special festival, there were many guests in the restaurant today, most of them were girls. everyone could not wait to start ordering good dishes. with the change of the bright red meat 1.1 with the sound of "zi, make your index finger move.

The movie started at 14:30 p. m. The movie theater is not far from the dining place. After the meal, everyone started to watch the movie one after another. The 300-seat movie hall was crowded with seats. "Great, My Country" is a documentary, from technological innovation to building a society, from "big country" to "small family", I have combed the remarkable achievements of the past five years with images, and the scenes have shocked me, making me deeply proud of being a Chinese.

The whole movie lasted only one and a half hours, and the whole activity was over. I thought that if the company did not organize activities today, but had a half-day holiday, I might go home after work, have lunch alone, take a nap, watch TV series, be bored for an afternoon, and waste an afternoon. Fortunately, I didn't spend it like this.