"Love" Goddess Festival



On the "3.8" Women's Day every year, the company always does not forget to prepare rich activities for everyone, and this year is no exception. According to the proposal of the goddesses, the Administration Department organized a "beer and skittles" campaign, which started with lunch...

For lunch, we chose the six wives of Cangshan Wanda in Fuzhou to string incense. We almost contracted the whole floor on the second floor. There is a slang saying: a woman is equivalent to 500 ducks. We are full of 35 people. You can imagine the excitement!

After eating and drinking, everyone walked to the activity place. In the spring, wanda plaza also arranged many peach trees accordingly. Although they are simulated flowers, they do not hinder our appreciation. It is said that there will be peach blossom luck under the peach blossom trees in three circles!

finally arrived at the activity site after eating and circling the peach blossom. for me, this is not only the activity site, but also a small cat scene. there are three cats in the high cat cage. that is fat, tut tut tut... Nice food.

Well, let's put the cat aside and get back to the point. Let's take a look at our activities. By the way, I don't seem to have introduced what our activities are. This year's activities are amazing, pottery and oil painting! How to cultivate sentiment, it is suitable for a lady like me! Pottery is divided into: machine embryo, hand-kneaded pottery, pottery painting, you can choose according to their own interests.

Machine embryo pulling is simply to use the rotating power of the machine and the power of the operator's hand to make pottery cups. It seems that everyone is the first contact in this respect. The serious attitude makes me seem to have returned to the senior three period. After the teacher

explained, everyone began to be eager to try. I can understand the excited expression of everyone. after all, I haven't had the chance to play mud so confidently since I was a child!

Hand-kneading pottery is also very lively here! But why do I think they are kneading steamed buns?! After the teacher's guidance, everyone is getting better and better. Look, everyone looks like each other.

Let's look at oil painting again! This is a technical job, from color matching to coloring, from frame to layout, nothing is simple, but it doesn't look like it baffles the goddesses. Look at their posture with pens. Do you have any master demeanor?

color painting should be the easiest one to use. I can't wait to start before the teacher shouts. No wonder it is said that serious women are the most beautiful. See if they are all beautiful?!

Unconsciously, the activity has come to an end, and the goddesses have also enthusiastically basked in their works. I have been pierced by the satisfaction of the goddesses that "the mushroom cools my works to be the best in the world. All in all, today's "beer and skittles" campaign ended successfully, and I also showed my "mother's smile" with satisfaction. Sometimes it's not that I don't have time to go to activities, but how can I go to be more interesting than a group of like-minded people coming together? Thank the company for preparing such a good activity for us.

(Author: Wu Yuting)