"Focus, Professionalism, Empowerment" Phase II Advanced Training Meeting



2021 6# April 30 , Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Marketing Department organized an advanced training meeting on "Focus, Profession and Empowerment". More than 50 partners from Fujian Province were invited to attend the meeting. At the beginning of the

meeting, Mr. Wu Wenkai, Deputy General Manager of Lijiexun, delivered a speech to briefly analyze the pharmaceutical environment and policy trends, encouraging everyone to cherish the current opportunities and achieve better results. At the same time, Lijiexun Pharmaceutical will continue its academic empowerment and build a more professional promotion team.


Deputy General Manager Wu Wenkai made a speech at the meeting)

This meeting continues to strengthen the application value of citicoline sodium tablets in various therapeutic fields, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of stroke, Alzheimer's disease, peripheral neuropathy, sudden deafness and other diseases. The guidelines for long-term use of citicoline sodium tablets in patients with various neuropathy are recommended. Participants exchange experiences and actively participate in the discussion, more clear promotion of ideas, I believe that citicoline tablets will benefit more patients.

"broad view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair" armed himself with professional academic, medical marketing department manager Chen Zhihua on the basis of the first advanced training meeting, in-depth introduction of citicoline sodium tablets (baonoda

®) mechanism of action, pharmacological knowledge, application guidelines. Participants actively participate in interaction and deepen knowledge points.

(Manager Chen Zhihua of Medical Marketing Department Lectures

"Professional Academic Knowledge")

(Speaking at the Meeting, You Compete for Me)

(Good memory is not as good as bad writing)


"Radix Pseudostellariae" Cheer for Everyone)

"Practice for True Knowledge", only practice can have the right to speak. Mr. Wu Xiaobin, an excellent partner, shares his practical experience, the importance of professional promotion and how to fully tap the market potential. Inspire everyone and encourage yourself

- The most important thing is to start now!

(Experience Sharing Session of Sales Elite)

"Work Together for Win-Win Cooperation", helping sales is not only reflected in academics, but also in activities. Mr. Ma Weining, Director of Marketing Department, announced the

H2 activity support plan.

(Ma Zong's Support Plan for Explaining Activities)

"Open the Road with Data, Speak with Data" Huang Shuqiang, Southern District Manager of Lijie Xun General Pharmaceutical Department, led everyone to discuss

H2 POA .

(Manager Huang Shuqiang Launches

POA Discussion Session)

(Happy Learning, More Ideas)

Finally, Director Ma put forward the meeting summary of "Pre-set" and firmly pushed

H2 POA to land. Lijiexun will continue to enable academic partners and look forward to meeting again next time.

Author: Central Marketing Department