Lijiexun Enterprise Internal Journal No. 02 | Exchange Group Academic Seminar was brilliant, and the Engineering Equipment Department handed in new answers!



On May 13, the "Symposium on the 2023 of Compound Taizishen Granules to Doctors in Shandong and Hebei" was successfully concluded at Lijiexun Production Base. Famous doctors and old customers from all over the country gathered together. You Nai Shou, director and production director of the pharmaceutical factory, and Le Yunyan, director of quality, delivered speeches and warmly welcomed the arrival of the exchange group.

Lijiexun Enterprise Internal Journal No. 02 | Exchange Group Academic Seminar was brilliant, and the Engineering Equipment Department handed in new answers!

On May 13, the "Academic Seminar on Compound Pseudostellaria Granules 2023 Shandong and Hebei Doctors" at Lijiexun Production Base was successfully concluded. Famous doctors and old customers from all over the country gathered together. You Nai Shou, director and production director of the pharmaceutical factory, and Le Yunyan, director of quality, delivered speeches and warmly welcomed the arrival of the exchange group. Director

introduced the company's main products and future development ideas to the exchange group, and gave a detailed explanation on the construction of the high-end preparation research platform and the research and development progress of the microsphere project. The exchange group is confident and looking forward to the company's strong scientific research strength and future development prospects. After

, the factory director led the exchange team to go deep into the production workshop of Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules to learn about the company's production situation on the spot. The exchange group expressed admiration for the workers' fine operation skills and our company's rigorous production process, and admired the company's advanced equipment and perfect management system, and the atmosphere was hot.

Lijiexun has always attached great importance to the use and experience of products by customers. This exchange meeting not only established a communication bridge with customers, but also improved the quality of Lijiexun's products and services. Looking forward to the future, Lijiexun will continue to provide more communication opportunities, listen to the voices of more customers, seek common cooperation and development, and create a better future.

PART02 Market Operation

Break down departmental barriers, optimize and upgrade steadily

There is such a department in the Lijiexun family, which provides incomparable guarantee for the smooth operation of the production workshop. It is-Engineering Equipment Department. This year, in order to further strengthen the management work, the engineering equipment department has comprehensively improved and improved its previous work, implemented lean management, and handed in beautiful new answers.

has stepped up the maintenance work to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment: During the maintenance work, the temperature inspection of the equipment shall be increased twice a month so as to replace any abnormality in time; During the maintenance work, the inspection of electrical equipment shall be strengthened and the night inspection of mechanical electricians shall be increased. At the same time, the technical indicators of the equipment are analyzed to maximize the production efficiency of the production workshop .

Keep records of equipment maintenance: during the equipment maintenance process , add equipment maintenance and maintenance records, and the maintenance personnel shall fill in and report in time. at the same time, make records of equipment maintenance, so as to check the operation status of the equipment in real time, facilitate and effectively carry out distribution and allocation, and strengthen lubrication management for easily faulty equipment to ensure the equipment integrity rate;

strengthens the training of maintenance personnel: regularly organizes safety training for maintenance personnel, and the post should be informed, thus improving the information symmetry and work safety of the team.

each performs its own duties. only by creating excellence in excellence can we promote the high-quality development of the enterprise and praise all employees who are fighting in the front line!

Engineering Equipment Department-Yang Yuanyi Contributed

PART03 Staff Forum

01 Found the Ignition Point, Found Love

Always Remember Why to Start, "Job" Has to Love

When you have a salary that can meet your basic needs, paying off your bills and extra expenses, I guess you'll be happy, even very satisfied. And when you have all the money in the world, what kind of work will you spend your time doing? Maybe many people don't know how to answer, and even think, is the work I am doing really what I like and love?

does not talk about nihilistic perfectionism and does not boast and exaggerate divorced from reality. A loving job may not be 100 percent satisfied, nor is it an impulse to generate electricity for "love". Instead, after the experience of life, abandons those "superficial likes" and leaves those "real loves". This is to find a burning point, found love.

In Lijiexun, there are market pioneers who run around for performance, front-line workers who concentrate on production, research and development personnel who concentrate on innovation and potential, human resources partners who devote themselves to talents, administrative personnel who strive for excellence in service, and financial accounting who are not happy with bills... Everyone's work may have different hardships, many people have experienced the experience of their posts, but they still want to do their work better. Every month's monthly stars and monthly innovators are constantly defeating themselves in the work challenges, and there are many vivid role models around them. In the face of difficulties, they can always adjust their mood, step by step, finish little by little, and hand in beautiful answers.

In this process, many of my friends have found their own ignition points. There is a voice in my heart saying, "I want more". The sense of honor, the sense of accomplishment and even a small skill that can make you grow up may be your ignition points. These ignition points support your love. During the journey of work, you can always go upstream and love will never cool down.

Love may not make the work very fast to make great achievements, But do what you like slowly, don't stop, ordinary days will one day pile up into an extraordinary life , finally, I hope every little partner of Lijie Xun can work in love.

Administrative Division-Li Zhiyun Contributed

The Transformation Process of a Purchasing Xiaobai

Gains When You Pay, It Is Growing and Rooted

I-a Xiaobai who just walked out of the campus, entered the position of purchasing specialist of Lijiexun by chance. It is conceivable that at that time I knew nothing about purchasing, and even my knowledge of this position was limited to the three words "buying things. However, challenging the unknown is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will retreat. So I gritted my teeth and decided to take this step.

At first, I was caught up in all kinds of trivial affairs every day, like a boat lost in the sea of drugs. The name of the drug, the name of the manufacturer, the price comparison, the purchase cycle... Each item needs to be checked and studied in detail, which caught me off guard. Sometimes, I even wonder whether I do procurement or not. It was just when I was about to be overwhelmed by all kinds of data and charts that I realized that behind the word "procurement" was the ultimate control of details.

Now, I have also learned the "battle" with the provider ". Every negotiation requires skill and patience. On the basis of understanding, we should listen to the needs and opinions of the other party, while keeping a clear head and always taking the interests of the company as the top. Even though this "battle" can be exhausting at times, whenever I reach my goal, I know that all the hard work is worth it.

Looking back, my path of transformation was full of challenges and hardships, but it was also full of joy and achievement. Every time I study and practice, I gradually mastered the negotiation skills and began to love this job. It also made me understand that "purchasing" is not only to buy things, but also an art that requires care, patience and wisdom. At the same time, I am very grateful to everyone in the team for providing me with a lot of help and support. We grow and progress together and achieve excellent results together. There is a long way to go in Xiu Yuan. I will go up and down and look for it. I will continue to work hard to become a better purchaser!

Supply and Storage Department-Zhang Bingying Contributed Article

PART04 Cultural Exhibition

Reading Just at that time Unlock Book Cafe Recommendation List

Long Term, Stop Putting Bad Life

Do you want to learn financial knowledge? Do you want to listen to the classics? Are you troubled by emotions? In this reading meeting, we will look for the answer in the book together, unlock the recommended list of book cafes, and watch it slowly.

1. Financial Management Knowledge

"Interpretation of Funds": It popularizes many basic theories of fund investment, interprets the mysteries of fund investment in an all-round way, introduces in detail investment preparation, target establishment, fund selection, operation and implementation, and excerpts from blogs. It is an enlightening book suitable for fund Xiaobai.

"Value": It is the thinking of Oriental Buffett and Zhang Lei, founder of Investors Capital, on value investment and long-termist values. The book contains a wealth of detailed information, including the 7 formulas, more than 10 examples of disassembled and analyzed investments, and a variety of valuable photos. As Zhang Lei's first masterpiece, it is also the first time that he shares his personal understanding of work and life, which is suitable for people who are interested in venture capital.

Historical Books

"Ship at Night": "Ming Dynasty Encyclopedia" covers almost everything from astronomy and geography, vegetation, birds and animals, historical allusions to three religions and nine streams, anecdotes and anecdotes. The world's learning, for the night ship is the most difficult to deal. Listen to excerpts from the second volume of this book and feel the development of "rites" in all dynasties.

3. spiritual growth, cognition and emotion

"you deserve to be understood": a heart-warming work created in an era of national anxiety, it will resonate with you and make people feel the importance of learning to refuse. It also heals the potential imperfections within us, allowing us to present ourselves as we are, to become more whole people.

"Five Abilities of Love": Combining with real cases, this paper systematically expounds the five abilities needed to manage close relationships and the improvement method of the operation box for each ability. At the same time, it tells us that everything in the world changes rapidly, only love is not. If you want to rediscover yourself, improve your emotional intelligence, and have love, this book may be a good choice.

4. famous works

"I and the Temple of Earth": Shi Tiesheng's prose collection, his words are full of power. The article Ditan is only a carrier, the essence is a desperate person looking for hope in the process. The yearning for my mother expressed in the book makes people feel deeply. If you are in the doldrums, you can read this book, which may bring you some insights.

"Heart If Bodhi": Feel the mind of Cao Dewang, the founder and chairman of Fuyao Group, the first good son of China, the proud son of Fujian, and the founder and chairman of Fuyao Group, this entrepreneur with national integrity. This autobiography, written by Cao Dewang himself, tells the story of his life of struggle. The writing is simple and unadorned. It uses the timeline to string together the struggle stories. It is vivid and interesting, as if telling in the ear.

books are the treasure house of wisdom, and sharing is the spark of thinking. Knowledge does not set boundaries, reading is not a ritual, form a good habit of reading, and approach a better life.

Production Department-Li Xiaoying Contributed