Li Jiexun's April Monthly Characters | See the Power of Example, Strive together for Dreams!



In Lijiexun, there are always a group of people who work silently, they are serious and responsible, they dare to challenge, they have created extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions, and role models are beside you and me. "April Monthly Stars & Innovation List" Walk into the story of role models together and see the power of role models

Li Jiexun's April Monthly Characters | See the Power of Example, Strive together for Dreams!

There are always a group of people working silently in Lijiexun

. They are serious and responsible. They dare to challenge

and create extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions

The example is beside you and me

"April Star & Innovation List"

The story of walking into the example together and seeing the power of the example

Best Innovation Award


Outstanding Operation Department Zhang Haiyun

Innovation Project: "Building an Internal National Medical Institution Database"

Motto: Down-to-earth is the fastest shortcut.

Innovative Deeds: Before the company did not establish a national database of medical institutions, the flow analysis report was limited, the data could not be provided accurately and in a timely manner, and the terminals with abnormal sales volume could not be followed up and fed back in time, which was easy to cause terminal loss and the market to be seized by competing products. Aware of this drawback, she immediately set up an internal national medical institution database, and according to the database information, she summarized the sales volume of each terminal of phosphorus tablets and the number of grades in all provinces and cities in the country every month to form a flow direction analysis report, provided data support for sales, understood the blank areas to be developed in the country, and provided favorable data for increasing the market share.


High-end Preparation Research Institute Fu Youwei and Lin Qijie

Innovation Project: "Raising the Upper Limit of Water Phase Flow in Pilot Line"


Make a little progress every day, accumulate sand into a tower, slack every day, and do nothing. (Fu Youwei)

Working hard and loving your work is the key to a happy life. (Lin Qijie)

Innovative Deeds: Fu Youwei and Lin Qijie realized that the flow rate of the water phase outside the laboratory could not meet the demand, so through research and discussion, they found that the original flow rate was increased from 4.5L/min to 5.8L/min by increasing the air inlet and external pressurization. It can increase the upper limit of the water phase flow outside the pilot line. This improvement not only avoids the disadvantage that the pressure is not easy to control the flow, but also avoids replacing the high-power pump to increase the flow, which saves the company money.


Yuan Jianwei

Innovation Project of Administrative Division: "Physical and Chemical Group Printing Thin Layer Identification Map Changed to Continuous Supply Printing Mode"

Motto: Diligent Study and Practice, Natural Nature.

Innovative Deeds: The number of color ink cartridges used by the physical and chemical group to print thin-layer identification maps in the past year found that the amount of consumables consumed was huge, so he immediately applied for and implemented replacement with a continuous supply printer, using a more energy-saving method instead of direct replacement of ink cartridges, saving the company 14.5 times of related consumables and 8379 yuan in cost.



Marketing Center Wang Zhihang

Motto: Make Medicine for Health!

Star Deeds: has been in office for more than one year. He has always adhered to the belief of "deep cultivation and careful work". Under the condition of relatively weak market foundation in Northeast China, he strictly implements the company's fine investment promotion policy, consolidates the market foundation and continuously accumulates customer resources. Through various channels to find quality customers, promote market development, expand market share. In April, the northeast market index was successfully completed, with a completion rate of 176. Terlipressin also initially opened up the situation in the northeast region, with remarkable achievements.


Quality Department Chen Yunxia

motto: is realistic and realistic.

star deeds: her, she is conscientious in her own work, strictly in accordance with the standards, and strives to do a good job in every job she handles. In the busy production overtime to complete the work, in 12 batches of citicoline sodium for injection freeze-dried products moisture determination (a variety of conditions determination), through the freeze-dried products and finished products moisture comparison, come to the conclusion that "the product in the future directly after 2.5h sampling moisture", for the company to save energy and reduce consumption. When the inspection is not busy, she will actively go to various workshops to study, participate in the pilot sampling of the oral consolidation workshop, etc., and use her professional knowledge to guide the newcomers to impart experience and assist colleagues to complete the work within her ability.


R & D Center Lin Wenbin

Motto: effort is another name for miracle.

Star Story: He joined the Technology Center in August last year, during which he participated in several consistency evaluation projects and quality analysis of innovative drugs. Assist to complete the pilot test of oseltamivir phosphate dry suspension and oseltamivir phosphate capsules, sodium benzoate content and oseltamivir phosphate particle size distribution detection. In early April, he was seconded to the quality control department. In a short period of time, he quickly learned and took over the detection of 9 batches of citicoline sodium tablets and particles, completed the liquid phase detection of nearly 40 batches of samples, and successfully promoted the production detection work.


Starting this month, the winning partners will also receive a certificate of merit

ritual feeling full, looking forward to more small partners to declare oh

unity, integration, innovation, efficient pursuit of excellence

hope all small partners and model employees learn from

and strive to be advanced

contribute to the development of lijiexun

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