Fujian Provincial Party Committee Secretary Sun Chunlan visited our company's pharmaceutical factory



On April 16, at Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Factory, colorful flags fluttered and the welcome song played high.
At 10 o'clock in the morning, Sun Chunlan, Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, accompanied by provincial leaders Yang Yue and Jiang Xinzhi, Ningde Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Rongkai, and Mayor Liao Xiaojun, drove to Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Factory. Despite the fatigue of the journey, Secretary Sun excitedly shook hands with the main leaders of the company who lined up to greet her as soon as he got off the bus. Ying Weifeng, director and general manager of the company, introduced the basic situation and development prospects of our company to Secretary Sun and his party before the huge company display board. Hearing this, secretary sun also seriously asked the staff around him.

After introducing the basic situation of the company, Secretary Sun Chunlan came to the company's technology center laboratory at the invitation of the general manager. The laboratory of the technology center was just completed last year, with a total cost of 8 million yuan. It is also an expert academician workstation in Fujian Province.

In the brand-new laboratory, Secretary Sun came to the freeze-dried preparation laboratory and asked about the introduction of equipment. In the synthesis laboratory, when the secretary learned that Yu Guang, the senior experimenter who was doing the experiment, was from Liaoning, because it was also the place where the secretary had worked, the familiar accent quickly melted into a smile on the secretary's face. Secretary sun kindly asked what Yu gong was doing at hand. Yu gong told secretary sun that what she was doing was refining quetiapine fumarate. The secretary asked Yu Gong one by one how many years he has been working here, his work and living conditions, and Yu Gong replied one by one. The secretary then asked why he came here. Yu Gong said with a smile that he wanted to continue to use his waste heat when he retired. The environment here is good and he likes it very much. Secretary Sun said: Looking at you, you are quite young! It drew laughter. In the analytical laboratory, Secretary Sun had a strong interest in the deep processing of Pseudostellaria heterophylla. He picked up the wide-mouth reagent bottle containing Pseudostellaria heterophylla to observe carefully and asked whether the medicinal properties of Pseudostellaria heterophylla particles would change and what stage the current technical level was. When she learned that this medicinal material called Pseudostellaria heterophylla was planted in large quantities locally, she said that this practice was very good and was a win-win strategy for the company, drug farmers and the market.

walked out of the laboratory. Secretary Sun stopped and told Ying Zong to increase the introduction of talents and attach importance to the cultivation of local resources and drug research and development. When it comes to the development of the company, secretary sun believes that the development of the company should be both large-scale and distinctive. When mentioning that our company has jointly run schools with many universities and cooperated in development, Secretary Sun expressed his support and appreciation and hoped that we will have more cooperation with more and better schools.

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