The discipline inspection team leader of Fujian Local Taxation Bureau came to our company to carry out tax service research work.



On August 1, Lai Tufa, head of the discipline inspection team of Fujian Local Taxation Bureau, led the personnel of the provincial local taxation supervision office and the functional departments of the municipal and county taxation bureaus to our company to carry out tax law enforcement and tax service research. Director Li Jiangong of Ningde Local Taxation Bureau and Director Yang Changqing of County Taxation Bureau participated in the research at the same time. Mr. Zhao Chaoming, chairman of our company, and you Naishou, director of the pharmaceutical factory, accompanied and introduced in detail the production situation of the freeze-dried powder injection workshop that has passed the new version of GMP and the bulk drug workshop and powder injection workshop that are undergoing technical transformation. This year, tax departments and governments at all levels have given preferential tax support to the construction and development of Hercynian Pharmaceutical City. Our taxes and fees in the first half of this year increased by 45% compared with the same period last year.

(responsible editors: Wang Xianqun and Le Yongzhe)