The leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission went to Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Factory for investigation.



On November 25, 2015, Chen Zhaoxu, head of the Discipline Inspection Department of Ningde Economic and Information Commission, accompanied by Secretary Wen of the County Economic and Commercial Bureau, went to Lijiexun to conduct in-depth research on the availability of national and local project funds and the progress of enterprise projects this year. Team Leader Chen of

visited the newly renovated frozen workshop, the newly built traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop and oral liquid workshop, listened carefully to the introduction of our company's director Younaishou, and conveyed the municipal leaders' concern for the development of the enterprise and the financial difficulties of the enterprise project. In view of the funding problem of enterprise development, team leader Chen and secretary Wen actively offered suggestions and put forward many suggestions, which fully reflected the concern of the municipal and county governments for the development of our company.

Editor's Note: This year, under the leadership of the Administrative Department and with the active cooperation of various departments, the company has won a number of project funding support from the Science and Technology Bureau, the Economic and Trade Bureau and other governments, which has played an important role in the availability of funds for technological transformation.