Lijiexun Launching "Monthly Star Staff" Selection Activities



Lijiexun Launching

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all employees, the company will reward and encourage employees who have outstanding performance in their work, achieved remarkable results and contributed to the development of the company. The monthly "monthly star employee" selection activity will be held from April.
"Monthly Star Staff" is evaluated once a month, which is divided into department recommendation, story reporting, candidate generation, judges' voting, public recognition, story publicity, etc.
On April 30, 2016, the Administration Department organized middle and senior managers to select and commend the April monthly stars in the conference room. Meng Yusheng of the Administrative Department described the deeds of the candidates. Three candidates were selected by the personnel present. If there were more than three, the votes would be invalid. Finally, three "monthly star employees" were produced, namely Guo Minzhi of the R & D Department, Chen Qin of the Production Department and Yuan Guosheng of the Engineering Department. The photos and deeds of the star employees selected by

in the current month will be displayed on the company's honor list, and the elected employee company will be commended and rewarded. The selection of "monthly star employees" has created a good atmosphere among employees to be stars and strive for first-class performance, promoted exchanges and integration among various departments, further promoted the construction of corporate culture in Mindong Lijiexun, and enhanced the overall cohesion of the company.