The deputy director of the provincial drug administration visited our company for investigation.



On December 14, 2016, Deputy Director Yu of Fujian Food and Drug Administration and his party, accompanied by Deputy County Mayor Wei of Zherong County, visited the company's pharmaceutical factory to conduct a survey on the safe production and operation of the company. Deputy Director

Yu and his party visited the freeze-dried powder injection workshop, the traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop and the oral liquid workshop. The company's pharmaceutical factory director made an on-site explanation and made a comprehensive report on the safety production, quality management, new product research and development, market development and promotion, investment in technological transformation and current difficulties of the enterprise.

Deputy Director Yu pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry of Zherong County has a certain reputation in Fujian Province. Through the development in recent years, the construction of Zherong Haixi Pharmaceutical City has also begun to take shape. It is hoped that Lijiexun, as a leading enterprise in the industry, can continue to inherit the fine traditions and do a good job in comprehensive safety production and quality management. Government departments will also help enterprises solve some practical difficulties in drug registration and quality management, support the development of pharmaceutical enterprises, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry in Fujian Province.