Roll up your sleeves and work hard to create a 2017 start.



Roll up your sleeves and work hard to create a 2017 start.

At the beginning of the new year, it opens. In the past year, we worked hard together, we laughed together, saw rainbows through wind and rain, and ran across the other shore with passion. We have achieved transcendence again and again and created one miracle after another!

2017, we heard the chicken dancing, on February 6, 2017, full blood resurrected, firecrackers in front of the door to welcome the new year, the company sent everyone a new year blessing, and issued a big red envelope to open the door.

Company Production Base Younaishou Factory Director personally sent New Year greetings to all departments and distributed the opening red envelope to everyone.

Family members who return to work from the holidays have their own goals and wishes for the New Year. Different visions also present different "new" states, new atmosphere in the New Year, and new energy in the New Year.

General Manager Mr. Lin Dong has made a unique effort to send private bags to everyone in Lijiexun's employee home group. He hopes that we will roll up our sleeves and legs in 2017 to work hard to ensure a good start this year.

Wish everyone a grand plan, a happy family and good health in 2017!