National Health Planning Commission new rules: hospitals to open anesthesia clinics



The role of the anesthesia physician has long been overlooked. Now, as the "hero behind the scenes" of the operation, the anesthesiologist will start a "turnaround". On December 12, the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued the ''Notice of the General Office of the National Health and Family Planning Commission on the Management of the Establishment of Anesthesiology Outpatient and Nursing Units in Medical Institutions'' (hereinafter referred to as the ''Notice''), proposing anesthesiology outpatient clinics and nursing units Relevant requirements for construction and management, emphasizing that qualified medical institutions should set up anesthesiology outpatient clinics. At the same time, the notice requires medical institutions to set up anesthesiology nursing units to improve the quality of anesthesiology outpatient and nursing services, so as to increase the attention to anesthesia and further meet the diversified needs of patients for anesthesia and analgesia services.

Setting up an anesthesia clinic allows anesthesiologists to walk from behind the scenes to the front of the stage

Pain is feared by most surgical patients. Anesthesiologist

has a lot to do in pain management. The National Health and Family Planning Commission pointed out that the main tasks of clinical anesthesia include providing anesthesia and analgesia services, eliminating or reducing the pain and discomfort caused by surgery and other diagnosis and treatment operations, and reducing adverse reflexes and stress during surgery and operation. Reaction, etc., while monitoring the physiological function of patients, ensuring the quality of medical care and patient safety.

Compared to doctors in other departments, anesthesiologists are called "the heroes behind the scenes on the operating table". The "Notice" stipulates that

conditional medical institutions should set up anesthesiology clinics and strengthen outpatient anesthesia-related services.

By opening anesthesia clinics, patients and anesthesiologists have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face, and the risk assessment of anesthesia surgery is moved forward.

Set up nursing unit to relieve the pressure of anesthesiology department

Anesthesiology department should be composed of doctors and nurses together to form a clinical work team, but at present many hospital anesthesiologists still assume the role of "both medical and nursing.

"Notice" stipulates that

qualified medical institutions should set up anesthesiology nursing units to strengthen the nursing service

for anesthesia patients, thus promoting the construction of anesthesia nursing professionals. Anesthesiology nurses mainly cooperate with anesthesiologists to carry out appropriate nursing work such as anesthesia education, psychological nursing, article preparation, information check, posture placement, pipeline nursing, patient escort, instrument and equipment management, etc.

Uniform Number Allocation Clear Nurse Requirements

How can I become an anesthesiologist?

The Notice states that

medical colleges and universities graduate in nursing, obtain the qualification of nurse practice and have been registered, in principle, have worked in clinical for more than 2 years, and have passed relevant training and examinations before they can engage in anesthesiology nursing.

As the current domestic anesthesia care is still in its infancy, the development of anesthesia care varies from place to place, especially the configuration of anesthesia nurses is controversial. The "Notice" stipulates the allocation of nurses.

Anesthesiology Department shall allocate surgical room nurses according to the ratio of nurses to operating tables ≥ 0.5:1.

Many hospitals in our country have opened anesthesia clinics

In fact, many medical institutions in our country have opened anesthesia clinics before. According to media reports, the anesthesiology clinic opened by Shandong Provincial Hospital includes:

patients who are to be admitted to the hospital for surgical treatment and have corresponding complications of important organs such as heart and lung, can go to the anesthesiology clinic for pre-anesthesia evaluation at the same time, and give corresponding treatment and consultation opinions, so as to avoid delaying the operation due to complications after hospitalization; outpatients who plan to undergo painless surgical treatment (painless abortion, painless gastrointestinal endoscopy, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, labor analgesia, etc.) and have corresponding complications of important organs such as heart and lung can go to the outpatient department of anesthesiology for evaluation and corresponding places in advance. Undertake consultation on outpatient/inpatient and anesthesia-related issues; Patients undergoing day surgery undergo pre-anesthesia assessment.

The practice of opening anesthesia clinics in Shandong Provincial Hospital is not the first.

In April 2015, the first anesthesia clinic in Hubei Province was opened in Taihe Hospital of Shiyan City. In the anesthesia clinic, anesthesiologists conduct pre-anesthesia assessment and consultation for patients, optimize the patient's treatment process, and maximize the safety of anesthesia.

In February 2016, the Anesthesiology Clinic of the Department of Anesthesiology, Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University was launched. As long as the patient has completed the preoperative evaluation of anesthesia, all doctors and nurses related to the operation can query the patient's evaluation report in their respective work units. As long as the patient has undergone anesthesia and surgery in CUHK before, the adverse events and anesthesia-related complications records during the perioperative period of the previous operation can be retrieved and presented on the evaluation report, thus realizing the connection between outpatient evaluation and preoperative visit; for patients who are hospitalized on the day of surgery and cannot be visited before surgery, anesthesiologists can directly use the outpatient evaluation report to formulate anesthesia plan, so as to avoid the delay or cancellation of surgery caused by insufficient preparation.

From April 1, 2016, the People's Hospital of Wuhan University will launch an anesthesia clinic, with professor-level anesthesiologists sitting every afternoon.

In fact, anesthesia clinics are very common in foreign countries, and the existence of anesthesia clinics is also very necessary. From a clinical point of view, elderly patients, especially patients with cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases, need pre-anesthesia assessment, which can not only improve the safety of anesthesia, but also optimize the treatment process and shorten the treatment time.

Anesthesia clinics have opened one after another, which is undoubtedly an important step for anesthesiologists to go from behind the scenes to the front. With the promotion of day surgery, anesthesiologists will also play a greater role in this regard.