Into the University -- Fujian Institute of Biological Engineering



Into the University -- Fujian Institute of Biological Engineering

2018 5# April 5 , we came to the beautiful campus - Fujian Institute of Biological Engineering, where the sky is blue, the breeze is gentle, and the small editor's mood is extremely refreshing. Seeing the bright smiles on the faces of students of the same age, we can't help sighing, it's really nice to be young ~

This time the task is to hold a campus lecture on "Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Enters Bioengineering College" in the Department of Pharmacy.

Xiaobian and his team's small partners set up the lecture room, debug the multimedia playback equipment, carefully examine and check it again, and wait for the arrival of the students when everything is ready.

Look! After eight o'clock, students began to come in one after another to sign in ~ ~


~students, is this the legendary full of seats and popularity, ha ha ha ........

This lecture includes sign-in, company introduction, corporate culture, talent demand, interactive answering questions, interview and other links. Manager Li of the Administration Department introduced the company's general situation, sunshine platform, future planning and talent demand to the students, which is the focus of the whole lecture, from the sharing, let the students know more about the company's products, production, research and development and support system construction.

Of course, everyone is most concerned about the company's welfare and the working environment of the production base. Xiaobian can proudly tell the students that our pharmaceutical production base is located at the foot of Dongshi Mountain in Taimu Mountain, with beautiful scenery in Zherong. The company has a large research and development dream team, the country's leading intelligent production equipment, a perfect talent training and promotion mechanism, and a super warm Lijiexun family, welfare is also excellent yo (proud face

~) .... .

came to the interactive part of answering questions. The atmosphere on the scene was very active. We were also frank and relative to the questions raised by the students and said everything we knew, making the students have a more intuitive understanding of our company.

During the conversation, I was asked some "interesting" questions, such as whether I can keep a dog at work and whether I can go shopping in a big shopping mall

.... reminds me of an old saying, don't guess the little girl's mind, don't guess .... ha ha ha ..... but I have to admit that they are really cute, after 90 , the editor expressed envy of their attitude towards life!!