Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Enters Agriculture and Forestry University



Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Enters Agriculture and Forestry University

2018 4# May 19 , we came to Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to organize a campus lecture and return to our alma mater. Seeing those students who are familiar with the scene and are full of vitality, we have an inexplicable excitement and can't help but sigh at the beauty of time.

The sky is clear and the scenery is infinite. Our big agricultural university is indeed beautiful. Ha, ha, ha (proud face ... )

The theme of this lecture is "Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Enters Agriculture and Forestry University", which is mainly aimed at students majoring in pharmaceutical engineering of 2018 , after hard organization and propaganda with teachers in the early stage, after 2 , students came in one after another to sign in ~ ~

. the second link was the opening of 2:30-2:40 . indeed, the vision and feeling of standing on the stage were different, ha ha ha

next is the third link (finally to the point). Li Juan, manager of the administrative department, shared the company summary with the students, including the company profile, company culture and talent demand, of course, there are also the welfare and working environment of the production base that everyone is most concerned about. After the introduction of ~

, there is an interactive question-answering session. For the questions raised by the students about the company, they will have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of our company.

This lecture is very grateful to the department leaders and teachers for their support. It is with their enthusiastic guidance and help that our lecture today is successfully held. We have a warm and comfortable office environment, super loving team of colleagues, rich and interesting staff activities... small partners to join us ~

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(Author: Wu Jingwen)