Zherong No.1 Middle School Enters Lijiexun's Study Tour



Zherong No.1 Middle School Enters Lijiexun's Study Tour

As the old saying goes, "Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles." More than two thousand years ago, Confucius and his students traveled around the world, opening a meaningful chapter of study travel. Teachers and students in the process of learning to broaden their horizons, enhance knowledge, self-cultivation, for future generations with relish.

2019 11# August 20 , teachers and students of Zherong No.1 Middle School came to our company to carry out a study tour with the theme of "entering hometown enterprises and enriching professional experience. The students were all in high spirits. Under the leadership of the instructors, they entered the pharmaceutical factory with vigorous and orderly steps and gathered in the front line of the inspection building.

The first part of this activity: Speech Ceremony

This visit started with speeches delivered by our factory director and production director You Nishou and Vice President Xie of Zherong No.1 Middle School respectively. The two leaders expressed the hope that the students of Zherong No.1 Middle School could gain something from this activity, and also hoped that this activity could bring them thinking and inspiration on their choice of future career path. The students listened attentively to the speeches of Director You and Vice President Xie. They seemed to be thoughtful. It must have been the philosophical speeches of the two leaders that rippled in their hearts and gained recognition. Afterwards, the representatives of the students spoke and thanked them with warm applause.


The second part of this activity: signing ceremony and unveiling ceremony

After that, Director You and Vice President Xie signed the cooperation agreement "Student Research and Practice Education Base" with Zherong No.1 Middle School on behalf of our company respectively. The two jointly held the unveiling ceremony for the "Student Research and Practice Education Base". This signing marks the establishment of a long-term cooperative relationship between Lijiexun Pharmaceutical and Zherong No. 1 Middle School. As a local hometown enterprise in Zherong, Lijiexun Pharmaceutical is deeply gratified to be able to become a window for Zherong No. 1 Middle School students to broaden their horizons and contribute to the growth of students.


The third part of this activity: Visit to Pharmaceutical Factory

After the signing and unveiling ceremony, the research tour officially began and entered the core part of this activity: visiting the production workshop and laboratory of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical.

Under the leadership of Director Liu of the workshop, the students entered the dressing room of the freeze-drying workshop and changed their clothes according to the process under the professional guidance of Director Liu. After the students dressed up their white coats, isolation caps and shoe covers, Director Liu led the students into the visiting corridor for a visit. Through the glass window, the students are greeted by intelligent large-scale equipment, which are arranged in a neat and orderly manner; through the glass window, the students can see up close how the big brothers and sisters in clean clothes and masks carry out production operations; seeing that these students have long been unable to suppress their excitement and curiosity, their eyes are full of thirst for exploration and knowledge, liu Zhu carefully introduced the whole production process and process of the workshop to the students in detail. Through the explanation, the students finally understood that the drugs they inevitably came into contact with in the process of growing up were originally produced in this way.


The fourth part of this activity: Training on the Development History of Pharmaceutical Industry

After the workshop visit, the students came to the exhibition hall of the company and sat on the floor in an orderly manner to carry out the last part of this research tour. The director of the tour explained the basic knowledge of pharmacy, the development history of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and drugs to the students. At the end of the explanation, all the staff took a group photo at the gate of the inspection center, and the study tour was successfully completed. After the activity of


, many students were not exhausted. They found the staff to talk about their feelings. He felt the persistence and innovation of Lijiexun people. He hoped that in the stage of self-improvement, he could firmly grasp the scientific and cultural knowledge, carry forward the spirit of persistence and innovation, make his life rich and colorful, and at the same time, he could make greater contributions to the society.

As the saying goes, the energy of life is at your feet, and the best classroom is on the road. Lijiexun Pharmaceutical's "Student Research and Practice Education Base" allows students to experience the sense of high technology firsthand, and at the same time, it also allows students to understand the importance of persistence and innovation, the journey of research, and the most beautiful walking course.

Author: Yu Huijun