[Original] To 20-year-old You-Chen Sixia (Marketing Department)



There is such a person in life who hopes that he will grow up as strong as a big tree, but he is afraid that he is covered with injuries, so he inadvertently treats him as a protector in some years. Think he had good and bad, happy and sad, in the school is what kind of situation? But now, those holding your hand through the days is the time to let go!

You are about to celebrate your 20th birthday. My mood is quite complicated! You have changed a lot in the past year. Your height has finally broken through the 180. You are so proud in front of me! At home at ordinary times, we are raised as boys, always thinking that when you grow up, you will be fine, change a light bulb, hang a curtain or something. It's worthless, but it's really a happy little thing.

Every time I go home, I always like to tease you. I have a feeling that my family has grown up at the beginning. I say that the young man is so handsome that he has charmed many girls at school! Your boy threw a poker face and said, "I don't care about you. I always say something. Ha ha, sister, I am not proud of you, proud of you! One weekend in your freshman year, you came to my side and said that the school would offer physical classes. Boys were required to wear suits and ties and professional leather shoes. I can't help it. I have to buy clothes for you. I took you to the mall to buy a shirt, tie, leather shoes and a pair of sports shoes. I changed my hairstyle and got a new pair of glasses that day. The young man was in a lot of spirits. Hey hey, when you left, I joked that if you went shopping once a week, your sister would go bankrupt! You replied: After that, lengthen the time period a little bit and then come back. Don't miss me too much. Smelly boy, but more narcissistic. This Spring Festival, you have changed a lot. It is the first time to leave home to study. I believe you have a deeper and more understanding of life. You are no longer a little boy hiding behind your family. Facing the broader world, you slowly know how to cherish and be grateful. For you, always can't bear to say too heavy topic, so always tease you, ha ha! Your heart already has too much delicacy beyond your peers, about family, about family. I only hope you can enjoy a little simple happiness. The missing corner of our life will eventually make up for it. In the future, there will be another emotion waiting for you, and she will heal those deep and shallow traces in your heart. You will hold hands and walk through every happy or sad day in the future. It is just peace in your heart, quiet in the years, no longer wandering, no longer inexplicable sadness.

is very wordy, I feel strange, how suddenly become so emotional. Writing this while you're doing the crown ceremony is a nostalgia for our lost youth. Starting from February 24, 2013, we will look at you with the eyes of adults. You can be willful, but you can be sensitive, but you can be sensitive. Before growing into a towering tree, the wind and rain will not be less. I hope the family can spend it together, look back on the past, and smile to see that the wind is light and the clouds are light...