[Original] Lu Liang's Notes-Zhao Baojun (Marketing Department)



It was a summer in June 2011. As usual, I came to a strange city on a business trip. I did some homework on it before coming. In TV series, in the news, in people's words, the name of a city that can be heard-Luliang, in short, it is named after the Luliang Mountains. Luliang is a bright pearl in the land of Sanjin. It is rich in above-ground and underground resources and human resources.

Starting from the train in Taiyuan, the people of Luliang were simple and enthusiastic and showed themselves in front of me one by one. It may be because the train from Taiyuan to Luliang has just opened. I only bought the station ticket, but fortunately it was not long. Maybe I was the same person at the train station. I don't know when I started talking with the people next to me. One of them was a lady. When asked where she was from, she said with a Luliang accent: "Luliang people". At that time, I listened to her saying that I felt very proud. A few seconds later, that feeling was branded in my heart. I learned from this lady's chat that this time I was sending my daughter to Taiyuan to accompany the exam, and my major was violin. In her endless words, she expressed her hardships and efforts. A few people passed by from the trunk, eating bananas in their mouths, and walked to us and threw them away. I didn't care at the time. Maybe I had done the same thing before, but after the peel throwers left, The lady Lu Liang picked up the banana peel on the ground and threw it into the trash can without saying a word. At that time, my heart was a little complicated and embarrassed. I saw her walk to her base area naturally, we talked about Luliang's local customs, life, energy, etc. Time passed so fast that the conductor began to clean up the garbage in a twinkling of an eye. He cleaned the garbage from one end of the carriage to the other end. Somehow, he swept it to the side of the garbage can. The conductor walked away. Maybe there was something wrong. When I turned around, I saw the lady cleaning up the garbage in the garbage can, at this moment, I have increased my admiration for this lady. Are the people of Luliang so hardworking and simple? Maybe it's an example! The

train stopped and it was already dark. I walked out of the exit and scanned the surroundings intentionally or unintentionally to see if I could still see the helpful Luliang man, but she had disappeared in the night. I turned left to the ticket office and bought the train ticket for tomorrow's return trip. when I came out, everyone was almost gone, because the station had just opened to traffic, many traffic facilities were not perfect, and there were almost no rentals at night. only a few private cars were squatting. I walked out of the ticket office and someone came up to talk to me. after the inquiry was OK, I agreed to get on his car, but the car did not leave for the time, asked when he would leave, he said that the person waiting for the next train told him not to wait, because he had done some homework before. The railway station was not too far from the hotel, which was more than 2 kilometers. So I decided to go on foot. The road under my feet was not easy and undulating. I walked very carefully to the direction of the street lamp. Suddenly I heard the sound of a motorcycle behind me. It was getting closer and closer. Suddenly the motorcycle stopped, the driver said to me, I'll give you a ride where to go. At that time, I answered with great vigilance. No, I arrived soon, but the man said, "I don't want money, it's free." I paused subconsciously, then walked up slowly and said, "I really don't need it." the man said, "don't be afraid. I just stopped by. I looked back at him. the man was wearing a helmet, blue overalls and thick black eyes, flashing sincerity. so I said," no money, I won't sit down. "he said," then give me five dollars, meaning." So I got on his motorcycle and told him the destination, but I was still very careful and thought about many bad situations. However, as the light became brighter and brighter, my heart became brighter. When the hotel arrived, I got off the bus and took out 5 yuan's money to him. He refused. At that time, he also said something that made me think back now and warm my heart, he said: "They are all working outside, and this help is nothing." After driving away, I looked at his back and was stunned. Is this the people of Luliang? Although Luliang's economy is underdeveloped, the Chinese The traditional virtues have not been lost, and I gave him a thumbs up in my heart.

Early the next morning, after visiting customers, I got on the return train at 11 o'clock at noon. This time I got the tickets. Due to the hasty arrangement, I haven't eaten lunch yet, and my stomach was protesting, so I went to the dining car for dinner. This is different from the meals I have seen before. It is all eaten by ordinary people at home, in other words, it is a common occurrence for people in Luliang's family-Hezi rice and naked oats noodles roast guy. The conductor asked me if I would like to eat it. I didn't hear what I said clearly. Anyway, when I was hungry, I agreed. After the meal was served, I finished a bowl of soup. A full voice calmed my stomach. The conductor came over and asked, and there was egg fried rice, I'll give you a bowl, I said I was full, and then asked, how much is it, the conductor actually said, no money, by the way, this meal was originally made for the conductor themselves, but I didn't want to sell it because I was afraid that I wouldn't be used to it. Seeing me asking, I brought the meal up to me, but when I came, I was the only passenger in the dining car, but I couldn't figure it out. I actually had a free lunch. This move really surprised me a little. I couldn't HOLD it.

This is the Luliang people, and this is my Luliang virgin. Are these three things all so coincidental that I met them? The answer is yes, this is not accidental. This is the quality of Luliang people. No matter how many gorgeous words are used to describe them, I can't tell all of Luliang people, because it requires careful recess.