[Original] Vexed Things-Xu Yizhou (R & D Department)



For people with houses, living is definitely not a problem, but a good or bad problem.

For migrant workers, finding a house is a hard job.

For me, not only is the environment better and cheaper, but also close to the company.

"There are unexpected events in the sky, and people should be prepared for danger in times of peace"! I have already lived well. At this time, the co-tenant does not rent. This is not pure disturbance. Forget it, men also don't want to live, the house rent.

"Let's go, brother, let's go out and see who is kind enough to take us in."

contacted a person in the dormitory of the provincial material department.

"Where is this? Hurry up and locate your mobile phone", "12 in Nanying Lane".

"why is it different from the photo? the houses here are all new, so contact us quickly", "nd, at 64 hudong road, the provincial material dormitory, we have made a mistake".


"In the vicinity of Fu No.3 Middle School, why don't you have a meal", "It is estimated that the security near the school is too good to get out of the way". I remember that after eating a set of meals that day, my stomach was extremely uncomfortable. I recalled that the meat was not heated.

"You are cheaper here, but you feel very depressed. The key is that there is no place to solve the problem of food and clothing. How can we three masters feel". I don't want to rent here unless I really can't.

Then pay attention to the rental information at night. Yeah, it's quite good. Go and have a look.

heard that it was the landlady, so I immediately updated my new signature "share the rent with the woman". But the tangle is that the deadline is only 2 months, and the owner of the house has the idea of selling the house, thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it, and replacing it with "two rooms and one hall" with "three rooms and one hall". How miserable, the brothers just want to live for a long time and can't move all the time. I have lived in the present place for more than 2 years. It is so good that I can worry less about one thing. No, we'll have to look again.

"Baolong Square Renting .. Single Room Renting Near Baolong Douchi, Good Room Is Better Than Seeing". The house is not as good as the advertisement. The brothers rushed over immediately.

"Where", "Where", "Where"... "Isn't someone picking us up, no one, call to ask"... "I'm the one you're looking for" This person is nearby.

Three bends and nine turns, still on the 7th floor, my father's life, whirring, the house is quite bright.

What, this house is public, for people to dry clothes. It's a bit too much for me. I know that I can't see anyone. I don't need such a public person. It happens that people also have to consider whether to give the three brothers a chance to go and go back.

Countless phone numbers on the roadside, "This one was just written, I think, because it hasn't been touched yet, this one is also, and that one". So many opportunities are bubbles.

On the way home, a private house asked if it could be rented, and then followed it. The area of the house is large enough. The monthly payment is 500 yuan, water 4 yuan/meal, electricity 1 yuan/degree, and the price is the same.

think about the disheartened, this world is too tnnd.

Heart One Heng hangs a tenant on the Internet, single room 900 yuan/room, water and electricity, various miscellaneous items (refrigerator, washing machine, water heater), or you can change rooms, interested parties come. I didn't expect another advertisement, the whole rent, 1600 yuan/month, contact person Xu * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * a few phone calls for sharing; Other whole rent, almost my phone burst.

At present, the shared rent advertisement is still hanging on 58, waiting for someone to knock at the door. The whole rent has been deleted......