[Original] "Tree Planting" Festival-Wu Zhifang (Marketing Department)



graduated from a university of agriculture and forestry, but he did not study agronomy. he knew no more flowers and trees than ordinary people. he knew professionally how trees split into two through one cell, two into four and finally grew into towering trees. however, he also lost the surprise of finding seeds sprouting, the joy of flowering and the joy of results. this is what the ancients called "one leaf covers the eyes and does not see mount tai". At this point, some people feel disdain, think "I will not". In view of this, I will talk about "planting trees" on Arbor Day ".

If the company is this tree, the specific things in our work, large and small, are these cells. With the accumulation of experience, we know more and more about the rules of these work, but we may not check its role in the growth of this tree. If we cannot see the whole tree, we will not be surprised by the germination and flowering of the tree. It seems that it has nothing to do with you and the possibility of cell expansion, so slowly lose the enthusiasm and fun at the beginning, many people have such a process, and return to self-worth, with respect for their own labor and the results of their colleagues' labor, see the tree formed by each full cell grow into a towering tree, the joy of which can only be felt without being "blocked by a leaf.

If life is this tree, the trivial things in life are these cells. Life is not just living with work, eating and sleeping. Indulging in it can only make life more exhausted. The tree of life needs to be felt attentively. People say that people who smile all the time will not be in a bad situation. People who have been working hard can always seize the opportunity. The germination and flowering of life is the understanding and touch of maturity day by day. Not being numb and indifferent in trifles, seeing the growth of a tree and the surprise in every moment is the "tall Mount Tai" that life brings us ".

Scientific research on the growth process of trees is to make them grow better, bloom more beautiful flowers, bear better fruits, and bring more surprises. Research for the sake of research lacks respect and surprises for life, which is a lot less fun to learn. Plant a tree or breed a cell, all by yourself.