[Original] "My surname is Zeng"-Guo Yazhen (Quality Control Department)



Do you still remember the interview about "Are you happy?" in "Walking the Voices of the Grassroots People" of CCTV? What is the definition of happiness in your heart?

Everyone has different definitions and understandings of happiness. There is no standard for happiness. Every bit of life, as long as we feel it with our heart, is a great happiness.

woke up in the morning and found that the pants that could not be worn could be put on again. This is happiness. When I went to the canteen to eat, my aunt made an extra steamed stuffed bun, which was happiness. When I was hungry on a cold night, I drank a bowl of hot porridge, which is happiness. When I have a sore throat, I found a cup of warm boiled water, which is also happiness...

Happiness is actually very simple. It does not lie in what you have, but in your mentality. People with a lot of money can be happy, those who have no worries about food and clothing can be happy, and those who rush about for life can also be happy. God is the fairest. He gives everyone a happiness code to open the door to happiness. Happiness is a kind of feeling, it does not depend on people's living conditions, but depends on people's mentality. The characteristic of happiness is the peace of mind. The so-called contented people are happy. Happiness is the feeling when people's desire is satisfied or partially satisfied, which is a kind of spiritual pleasure.

-"Hi, are you happy?"

Are you smiling? If so, why not be happy?