[Original] Home Notes-Wu Qingying (Quality Control Department)



It is already evening, the sun is slanting to the west, lying on the bamboo frame facing the blue sky, the sun is not dazzling but there is no lack of temperature.

The sky at home is always blue, pure blue, bright and deep than elsewhere. White clouds more graceful, like cotton candy. Tuan Tuan is complete; Pieces are torn off. The silk is carefully looked. After watching it quietly for a long time, I found that the clouds were walking. The neat row was an airplane cloud. Not only does it drift away with the other clouds in the opposite direction of the sun, but it also keeps growing up. Gradually, gradually, without order or uniform shape, each has its own personality, like a lion. Like a dog and like a tiger. The big sky, there is no lack of clouds colorful graceful posture, but I just looked at it in silence, feeling comfortable and warm. Soon the sun was covered by sparse clouds. The sun shone the clouds with different light and shade, and there was a sense of hierarchy. There was a sliver of sunlight through the clouds like the result of the sun's struggling. But because of the bright sky so much more than the struggle of a relaxed.

smelled the smell of the food. It turned out that my mother was preparing dinner, watching my little brother lying on the uphill, quietly looking at the distance, so she walked over and played with him for a while... There were also two ducks squatting there, looking very leisurely, and I couldn't help but want to toss them, so I made a lot of noise nearby, until they shake their wings and fly away from this "land of right and wrong"...

Blue sky, white clouds, rice fields, mountain trees, what an idyllic scenery; Cooking smoke, dogs barking, chickens barking, ducks singing, what a farmyard. Not modern not city, but I like quiet and comfortable, like also because not often at home. I used to be young and didn't know why people who went out were so happy when they came home. Now I know that it is because I don't often stay at home that I like the feeling of being at home. Winter vacation is coming to an end again. The brothers have all gone. I am the only one left. The family is cold and cheerless again and I am used to it. It has been a little cold since New Year's Eve, but today the weather is still sunny. So I walked around the village and saw many people one or two years older than me, but I didn't recognize any of them at first. It's not that I have a bad memory, it's just that the changes have been too great. It's not that I haven't heard about who's doing before, but when I can see it, I'm still not calm and a little unacceptable. Will I be like this in two years? Imagine the reality is really scary. I hope I can stick to what I insist on now, and I hope I won't become the kind of person I don't like.

Maybe life is like that. The pace of time will never stop, just hope that the future will come slower, so that I have enough time to prepare...