[Original] In the days of welcoming immortals-Jin Xiuzhu (Quality Control Department)



China Evening News reported on September 18, 2012: "A few Japanese have set foot on my country's Diaoyu Islands" and have been indignant for a few days.

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, I wanted to be lazy and numb my nerves. When you are sleepy in the morning, suddenly! The sound of firecrackers, suona and gongs and drums was deafening, and I was worried that my child would wake up. At this moment, the mother-in-law shouted outside the door, "Get up! 'Welcome the Ma Xian!" The two children were called "whew" by their mother-in-law and jumped up from the bed. They shouted to see "Ma Xian" and had no choice but to put on their clothes and go out.

saw countless onlookers in overcast and rainy weather. The scene was much more spectacular than the movie "Emperor Ganlong Goes to the South of the Yangtze River" made with huge sums of money. The "Yingxian" team saw the beginning but not the end. The child's sharp eyes shouted, "Mom, a brother and a sister are tied to the shelf (the shrine of carved dragon and carved phoenix) and crying. Please save them!" At this moment, I was speechless. Fortunately, the mother-in-law took the child and said, "Look, go over there and dance the dragon!"

is full of thoughts about the Diaoyu Islands incident and the current massive atmosphere of "welcoming immortals" are intertwined and confused. I don't know when my mother-in-law will stand behind with her children and say, "honor guard, here we come!" The following lion dance team, military band, waist drum team, folk band, master sedan chair, carp lantern, eight immortals lantern, three hundred and sixty lines acrobatic troupe, Jigong, Tang monk, Sun Wukong, pig eight quit, sand monk, Dan horn, Mo Jiao, clown, all kinds of people show their skills. The sound of firecrackers, the sound of God's blunderbuss, the sound of noise. The believers in the thirteen borders wore sacrificial costumes (red, yellow, blue, green, and purple) holding incense, wreaths, pennants (large pennants in groups of four and two), colorful flags, and border cards. The vast team is rare. Set up dips along the road, good men and women devout worship and pray for blessings. Under the worship of a large number of believers, "Ma Xian" became the god in the hearts of middle-aged and old people in towns and villages.

God is not God. Look at other people's ostentation and extravagance again. From "welcoming immortals", "general offering", "patrol", "Shane dipping" and "sending immortals", every time there is a mage's special singing method up and down the mountain, in 13 places, more than 20,000 believers personally carry sedan chairs, send children and women to pay for gimmicks, which is like "Obama" emptying his pocket, eating the bowl, but also hitting his swollen face and stretching his hand into the pot, untimely to find a "Noda Yoshihiko" charge gimmick.

Take off the gorgeous and hypocritical veil of "Ma Xian" and restore the truth. "Ma Xian" is a simple, hardworking and kind-hearted filial woman. The multi-functional gods in social life are indeed more magical than those "dogskin plasters" on the streets and "panacea" at midnight! Some people jokingly say that in recent years, the people in eastern Fujian and southern Zhejiang have been digging their brains out to buy border cards (with townships (towns) and villages as the environment), pennants, lanterns and incense candles. Send boys and girls, gold and silver. Begging for ethereal "luck" for fashion.

The ancients said: "Where there is life, there are immortals". Modern people say: "Where there is life, there is inheritance and legacy". Then there are people like A, B, C, and D who have already sighed for the world that these intangible cultural heritages have disappeared, and they are eager to rebuild and carry forward. There is nothing wrong with this, but there are so many cultures that are glorious and shameful to the people, just like an hourglass that has become a sharp point in the wind with the clouds of history. At present, this "half-city smoke sand" symbolizes the "anemia" of people's spiritual home. It nourishes and warms the feelings of human fans and faith in silence. Those bloody histories that seem to be far from being forgotten for half a century are being forced by tradition or slightly confusing customs. In fact, they have never dissipated around us. What coexists is to rigidly fade away some parts, leaving behind a pale but glorious crown grafted into a vigorous form of commemoration, which is legally and truly integrated into people's marrow again under the aura of grand, complex and mysterious folk culture.