[Original] Flavored Spring Festival-Lin Yaxian (Technology Center)



Spring Festival is the most solemn festival for the Chinese people. For this grand festival, people will clean up their homes in advance and dress up very neatly, cleanly and beautifully. Most of the people who work outside will also travel all the way home, and the whole family will gather together to celebrate this special day. No matter whether you are proud or frustrated in the year outside, everyone recuperates during the Spring Festival. From the 23rd year of the twelfth lunar month to the "dragon's head" on February 2, a strong "year" flavor floats in every household. During the Spring Festival, people will buy some oranges and almonds at home, implying "good luck" and being a happy person in the new year. Spring Festival couplets will be pasted on the door and wall of the home, especially a inverted "Fu" word on the door, implying that the blessing has arrived.

I remember when we were in elementary school, we started looking forward to the New Year from the winter vacation at school, but there were not so many "Christmas" and "Valentine's Day" at that time, and the Spring Festival was even more anticipated. Everyone dressed up to visit relatives and friends, and there were "crackling" firecrackers everywhere outside. The children are everywhere to drill.

Now, the 29th is all kinds of blessing messages flying all over the sky, making a lot of contributions to mobile telecommunications. The CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which used to be watched every year, has become a New Year's Eve viewing war for N local satellite TV stations. Even the New Year's Eve dinner is booked directly by phone, and everyone can eat directly at the table. There was a lot of traffic going out, so people would rather stay at home than go out. Invite three or five friends to stay at home and rub mahjong and play cards. This shows that our standard of living is getting more and more high-end, but the flavor of the year is getting weaker and weaker. The flavor of the year has become a past tense that seems not far away but is actually very far away. The Spring Festival, which makes people care about and miss, can only exist in small talk.

What is the reason that the New Year doesn't have that kind of expectation and flavor? Is it because we have more choices or our requirements are getting higher and higher?