[Original] Raising-Chen Feng (Quality Department)



In half an hour, I will leave work and rest for two days.

A few days ago, Yanqing said that she was leaving. The two hamsters that had been kept for a week could not be taken away, so she asked a kind person to adopt them.

I am not a kind person, but after thinking about it, I asked my mother for advice and agreed to adopt them. After lunch today, Yan Qing sent them.

The two little guys are very small, only as big as chickens, but they are very lively and active. Throughout the noon, I stared at them, put a whole pack of feed, spread a thick scarf on them, added water, and then went to work.

Now that I think about it, how long can I keep them? I still remember raising a rabbit when I was a child, and raising it to almost half a meter long. As a result, an accident happened and I never had a pet again.

Hope to be able to raise them successfully.

By the way, the names of the two hamsters haven't been named yet. I hope someone can help me to name it. Personally, I like names such as "Li Goudan". It's easy to feed.