[Original] Choose to Forgive-Write Before Graduation-Yang Qibin (Freeze-dried Powder Injection Workshop)



I can be as happy and pursue as normal boys, but why do I choose to be lonely? I know that I am not popular in any group, not only because of the alternative character, but also because there is no standard high-profile in life.

In fact, I should forgive those who hurt me in my life, not because I deserve it, but because their injuries have made me understand that I must learn to look down on everything, forgive those who have no good feelings for myself, forgive those friends who hurt themselves unintentionally, and forgive those passers-by who hurried away in my life.

Every time there is a class activity, when it is my turn to speak, the applause is always so small. Every time I want to run for election, few people will vote for me. Every time I walk on the road, few people greet me... I don't know why I am so eager to be noticed at that time. I don't know what malicious or kind hype can add to me, why must life be amazing to live without regret.

From freshman to now, I found that I have changed a lot. I tried not to care. Gradually, I found that I have become strong. Maybe I am strong. Men should not be weak, right?

When I was a freshman, I was always pessimistic. I hid in the quilt and cried every day. It was not good for my roommates to cry. Why did many people dislike me and why did they not have a good start? I fell asleep after crying. After waking up, I was still pessimistic. Therefore, I am used to being alone, because only in this way can I become bolder, say something I dare not say at ordinary times, and do something I dare not do at ordinary times.

junior year, I have begun to calm down and think about myself. I started a part-time job. I really don't need to prove anything deliberately. What kind of person I am, I never need to deliberately perfect, I have no noble character, no elegant sentiment, no solid foundation, some just too much self-righteousness.

Friends, I have always been proud to have so many friends who can speak anything. Later, I found out that many of them are polite on the surface but gossip about me in private. I don't believe who will really be good to me. In front of many things, who can be so selfless, especially when my good friend was angry with me because of a few jokes last time, I am even more sure that as long as it is not for myself, I must have a degree to anyone.

I know I did something wrong, who is willing to really don't care about me, I send text messages, how many will seriously reply? I dial the phone, who will hit the heart to take it seriously, and my so many unhappy, so many sad stories, who cares? It is because I have paid too many people and have not gained anything that I feel that some of the efforts are superfluous.

No matter which road I am on, I have been very bumpy. Of course, I am not the only one who has been bumpy, but I still insist. I am still doing what I like. I should not fantasize about so many beautiful things. Because I like fantasy, I am often lost. How can the people I like like like me?

It seems that everything should be kept in mind and should not be said, because it hurts feelings, but what if it is not said? At the moment, in a bad mood, where to find comfort?

Well, I should go to sleep. Tomorrow the sun will be very big and the scenery will be very good. At the end of the day, I am not alone.