[Original] Life Notes-Chen Shen (Marketing Department)



[Original] Life Notes-Chen Shen (Marketing Department)

Once I was eating out, I happened to experience millet porridge for the first time in my life. The golden porridge, the full grains of rice and the sweet taste really made people think for a long time. So when shopping in the supermarket, I suddenly saw packaged millet and corn dregs, so I started to cook corn millet porridge.

In the early morning of the first day, I got up early to prepare corn millet gruel. First, I prepared the materials

. Then, according to the information found on the Internet to cook corn millet gruel, I went step by step:

main ingredients: millet, corn residue, auxiliary materials: crystal sugar


1. Millet soak in water for half an hour, then boil the water in a pan and add rice after the water is boiled. In this way, the rice does not stick to the pan, and the millet is easy to blossom and cook, and helps to increase the viscosity of porridge.

2. After the water boils, pour the soaked millet; After the fire boils, skim the foam on the surface.

3. Point a few drops of cooking oil, then turn to low heat, cover the pot and cook for 25 minutes. A few drops of edible oil, one is to prevent overflow, and the other is to increase fragrance and thickening.

4. After boiling over low heat for 25 minutes, add a little rock sugar, open the casserole and stir it constantly. You will find that the porridge in the pot is getting thicker and thicker. It lasts for 10 minutes until the porridge is sticky and you can get it out of the pot.

holding a bowl of hot millet gruel, tasted one mouthful, sweet and delicious, indeed as expected do-it-yourself labor results are the best. Millet porridge is not only delicious, but also rich in indispensable vitamins, essential amino acids and trace elements. Adding different ingredients, such as red dates, yam, pumpkin, etc., has different additional effects. As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people, and Chinese people advocate medicated food supplements, so I hope I can use a small article to open everyone's taste buds. Here I wish everyone a happy New Year, good health and all the best!