[Original] When winter becomes a kind of emptiness-Chen Yinzong (R & D Department)



~ in an instant, it is winter at the end of the year, with colorful snow!

~ hesitated for several seasons, and finally there was only emptiness!

~ The bitter night breeze, with the smell of cold winter, blows gently, which has made people nearly numbly cold.

~ Looking at the crowd in a hurry, I have been busy for another four seasons, while I have drifted for another year like a wild ghost in the world. Still like that, never landed... Unlike others, for a dream, for the goal, has been to pay their own efforts, to enrich one season after another. What does winter count as in their eyes?

~ And I, in the past year after year, shuttled between the people who did not return, without direction, without purpose, just wandering and drifting. After this moment, we are facing a new crowd and accepting being forgotten. What never changes is the emptiness of doing nothing...

~ Whenever the dusk comes, it is the loneliness of the night. The cold moon shines on the cold night. On the pavilions by the river, I was the only one left to raise a glass and invite the moon.

~ After celebrities, I believe that only boring people like me are still performing the classic pictures in that poem. [br] Looking out of thin air, I saw thousands of mountains and thousands of miles, showing a vague outline under the cold light of the cold moon. Every time I see this night scene, the old acquaintances are more than the waves, rivers and mountains?

~ Everyone once had a beautiful dream, even if he was a man with nothing.

~ I had it once, but later... In the crazy and unbridled years, I have forgotten my dreams and all...

~ Today's life seems to have lost its source of power. The living, like a body that has lost its soul, is walking dead in the dust! Back to the most primitive state of life, lost meaning.

~ Once I had the power to choose, now I only have the power to be chosen. Living in time and space that does not belong to oneself, interlacing entanglement__feeling without feeling.

~ It's another winter of the year, and the falling snow is colorful!

~ I toast to invite the cold moon, tears, a thousand miles; once crazy, once dream, once squandering, and that arrogant arrogance... Spring dream with the clouds scattered, fallen flowers after the current!

~ the wind is rolling in the clouds, and the moon is covered by the clouds...

~ winter street, a person's night.

~ half awake dream is the same falling snow and colorful!