[Original] Understanding-Lin Yaxian (Technology Center)



Understanding is a bridge. Building this bridge between people can reduce the contradictions between people, enhance the emotions between people, and make people feel the warmth of spring.

Understanding is a noble language and a sublimation of spiritual silence. Perhaps we can't do the magnanimity of "embracing all rivers and rivers, being able to tolerate it", but we can face the people and things around us with a frank and sincere heart. If we understand more, we will have more warmth; if we understand more, we will have more emotion; if we understand more, we will have more beauty.

A leadership team needs understanding to enhance unity. Members should be good at communication, diligent in communication, more understanding, more trust, more support, and make up for the situation without dismantling it. The top leader should be good at speaking widely, listen to public opinions, and dare to take responsibility; the deputy should scrupulously perform his duties, find the right position, and form a joint force. Only in this way can this team have cohesion, centripetal force, and combat effectiveness, can create first-class work performance, and live up to the trust of the party and the people.

A person needs to understand if he wants to be integrated into a social group. We should face up to social existence and correctly interpret social problems with dialectical thinking; we should deal with all social contradictions from the perspective of development; we should treat others with a learning attitude, understand individual differences, admit that "no one is perfect", be good at learning from others and learn from others' advantages; we should interpret ourselves with the consciousness of restraint, adhere to self-cultivation and self-denial, often reflect on ourselves, warn ourselves and improve ourselves. Only in this way can we better integrate ourselves into the group and become an effective member of society

Understanding means tolerance and accommodation, which is a catalyst for the integration of interpersonal relationships and a tightening agent for the bridge of friendship. One of the great uses of understanding is that it can also turn hostility into friendship.

Understanding is the courage to accept all rivers. Understanding is the enthusiasm of bitter medicine. Understanding others is the embodiment of sense of responsibility and an excellent social moral quality. Understanding the spirit should be resident in people's hearts and become an indispensable part of everyone's personality framework.

Life is alive, please let understanding follow, understand others, and understand yourself. Learn to understand, in fact, in the end we are treating ourselves well.