[Original] Floating Fragrance-Chen Linling (Quality Control Department)



Sitting alone in a wide space to watch white clouds drift across

rendering the color of the blue sky. You once said that I didn't understand the taste of happiness

I used my fingertip to scratch your nose tip to pour out my love for you

I learned not to run too far

afraid I wouldn't be with you when you needed me

Good times are always too limited. Wired time is always too limited to catch you.

Brave adventures will only sink deeper and deeper and longer.

I saw a glimmer on your face.

melted the snowflakes accumulated in my heart.

My love climbed up on your face and bloomed

The breeze blows through the hair and listens to the blooming

My love. You haven't found that one day you will see

The silk in my heart cannot be peeled off is my miss for you

Wait quietly for the fragrance and you will smell the fragrance of happiness and sunshine