[Original] Next season, spring flowers will bloom again-Lu Xiaofeng (Quality Control Department)



A few days ago, the high temperature was depressing. These days, it has fallen sharply and is gloomy. I think of "when it is warm and cold, it is the most difficult to rest". I have repeated and indecisive. Is the weather also melodramatic?

th son is still busy, too busy to take care of the scenery along the way. Perhaps I have neglected too much, so that one day I have an inexplicable surprise. On that day, I went through the daily journey, only to find that there was a green place, but there were several phalaenopsis plants. The blooming flowers were the enchanting purple. Can't help looking back, staring at this piece of brilliant, beautiful color. A row of green, but there are a few purple flowers, distinctive publicity and stubbornness, spring, not the green is green? But it, every flower is dyed purple, so thoroughly, the flowers are also rebellious?

Time to walk quietly, suddenly panic, the flowering is not near.

lingers, as a souvenir, in the soil, full of flowers.

memories, always oozing the heart and spleen.

think more, run heartless, no longer cry for it. However, it is always hoped that the time will pass away at the end of the year, and the graveyard will be full of numerous and complicated. Wait for me to reach the other side, sow flowers and decorate the paradise. Don't let yourself sink, be brave, be happy, have a full and beautiful life, and run to the other side with all your strength. Next season, spring flowers will bloom again.