[Original] Be a person who is easy to please-Wu Xiaoting (Sales Department)



I don't know if it's because of the weather. A few days ago, my mood was always not high. Talking with my sisters, I was unconsciously shrouded in a sad atmosphere. It seems that everyone is not having a good time. Some complain that the chance of getting almost is taken away by competitors secretly, and some complain that they endure the best teammates but have to continue to insist. You see, real life is always cruel, but you have to look straight at it. Most of the time, I have already worked very hard, but I am still surrounded by a strong sense of powerlessness.

If there are too many cloudy days, the happiness point will become very low. When asking for directions, I didn't bring any expectations, but I got a warm and detailed answer. When I went to the public toilet, I complained that I forgot to bring my paper towel. My sister next to me generously handed over a bag. When I turned around, she had already left. The kindness of strangers always makes you believe that the world is beautiful.

No one deserves to meet people who are kind, reasonable and easy to get along. Encountering good luck and goodwill is a blessing worthy of great gratitude and should be cherished. If not, it would have been a natural thing.

is still the old saying: what you have is luck, what you lose is life. Be a person who is easy to please. Some people love, some people are lovely, they are still healthy and alive, and there is hope. I am very lucky.