[Original] "To Youth" Feeling-Luo Hong Talk (Quality Department)



During my business trip and study in Guangzhou, I went to the movie city in Guangzhou to watch the movie together at the invitation of my peers. In front of the bustling cinemas, all kinds of films are blooming, including Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, Forgotten Battle Land, etc., as well as small and fresh to youth and Chinese comedy Chinese partners. After the fussy situation, we finally reached an agreement and chose the little fresh film to youth. In fact, on the Internet, the film was given a very high evaluation, which has been reflected in the box office after the film was released.

is a common story, but it can cause nostalgia after 80 or even 90. A short 120-minute film presents the joys and sorrows of four years of college. A movie tells about different views of love. Some people can love vigorously, but they will never drag their feet; some people are willing to give their lives or even their lives for love; and some people silently guard for the people they love. The world of love does not matter right or wrong, only whether it is worth it or not.

Shot 1: From the beginning, I cut into the romantic fairy tale of Cinderella and the prince. Here, the tone of the whole movie has been expressed vaguely. The heroine sits Cinderella's dream and fights against the disgusting witch to seek her own happiness. Then the camera switches to the emotion that the heroine is eager to share with her beloved man after obtaining the college admission notice. As the admission notice is cut by the wind, the movie slowly extends into the plot. After the freshmen entered the school, the beautiful women were courted by their senior brothers and enjoyed free labor, while the general had to rely on their own strength.

Revelation: The power of appearance can give you better opportunities, but appearance is given by parents and no one can choose, while knowledge, elegance and temperament can be cultivated. For reality, you can't choose the background and family, but you can choose the efforts of the day after tomorrow to achieve the background of your next generation.

Scene 2: Due to the accident, the heroine first indiscriminately opposes the hero, and hates the hero so much that her teeth itch. Under Cupid's arrow of love, she inadvertently falls hopelessly in love with the first hero. Under the strong and decisive refusal of the hero many times, he still pursued to the end without hesitation and finally got the true love of the hero.

Revelation: Others say that men chase women on the mountain and women chase men on the yarn. But love is not traceable. Just as the woman and the man are growing in love in the constant confrontation. Love does require persistence, and many who persist for a minute will reap true love, and maybe you can't win a beautiful woman's heart even if you persist for a lifetime, but you can't regret it if you try, can you?

Lens 3: The man chooses bread for both love and bread, but in an interview after he's made his mark, he says that his success came from giving up his life. Then the man recalled the romance of the two in the dolphinarium and the unspoken truth.

Revelation: Some words should be said immediately and should not be left to the end. The most difficult medicine in the world is regret medicine. Missed is missed, time will never turn back. If you have ideas, you should have actions. Use ideas to command actions to obtain the future.

With the course of the movie, I also experienced the beautiful student age again and recalled the past years. Youth will pass away and never return. The past has gone with the wind. Remember the beauty of the past, forget the unhappiness and frustration of the past, grasp the present and create your own future. The present will eventually become the past, don't wait for the future to miss again, repeat the loss and regret of the past. Let us happy youth, imagine the future!