[Original] Fortunate-Wu Zhifang (Marketing Department)



Half of 2013 has passed, and the days after the age of 20 are like defected spies, unable to recover. Wake up every day, spend every day more than 20 years old day is bound to become the only. For what I don't know now, but it can also be very specific, the meaning of existence should be better day by day. When I am in a mood, I will turn around and look at it. Maybe simple life has sweet taste, or it may just be very picky.

Drink coffee because you want to have a clear day. It is medicine, medicine for thirst. Compared with fill-in questions, I like multiple-choice questions. Compared with multiple-choice questions, I like single-choice questions. Too many choices will forget the answers. I hope I am wise when making choices. I don't want to think about the truth of high mountains, so far away should not be used, as long as I want to understand it today.

should have slipped away 1/3 of life, met 2/3 people, left traces of 1/5, and lost 4/5 common heart. When breaking fingers to count what is left, fortunately it is important, fortunately it can be saved, fortunately it is still in time.