[Original] Dark-Yuan Qiuhua (Quality Control Department)



In late autumn, the clouds move with the wind. If the wind stops, where should the clouds go. If you leave me and get used to having you, how should I sleep. Your words lingered in my mind. At this moment, I remembered the road we had walked. The willows were beautiful in the wind, because we had walked and laughed.

In the severe winter, it snows in this place. Looking at the cheerful children in the street is not happy. That is your favorite thing! At that time you got up early in the morning like a child to play in the snow. Pile your fantasy of the future of us. Now I have become a snowman standing silently in the road,... It's just one. I seem to have fallen into a cycle of death. Without you, I would only be alone. I would be more lonely. I would get used to being alone for a long time.

In early spring, the whole cold north wind gradually blew away. I never thought that we would come to this day and then leave each other like strangers. I took off from your heart and landed in the sky without you. It turns out that we will all get used to a person, a person without each other's life. How many can not forgive the wrong, but can not be repeated. I carefully recall your smile, only to find that sadness obliterates your face. I,, once loved you.

This summer, I saw the world without me, you are so happy. Forgive me once selfish, forgive me once childish. Looking at your happy back, I refrained from disturbing your life. We all have our own way to go, don't we?

Actually I don't want to say goodbye, those happy, sad past, I really want to go back. Unfortunately not you, but we are a world with two different souls, although once I loved, that is only once.

The occasional bird in the sky reminds me of the freedom I used to imprison you. It's ridiculous. If you want to choose a person must be painful, I really chose myself.

Looking at your smile, I... Just be nice.