[Original] Barcelona in My Heart-Ying Jialin (Career Development Department)



[Original] Barcelona in My Heart-Ying Jialin (Career Development Department)

Whenever I mention Europe and travel with others, I can't help but analyze my Barcelona with joy. So you're always asked: Why do you like it so much? What's so good there?

Sometimes I also ask myself, what is the reason why I like Barcelona?

Perhaps because Messi, one of the male gods, took a bus to the Camp Nou, which was not planned, in order to pass the time during a short trip at Barcelona Football Club. However, his character broke out. He met his beloved Barcelona and won the King's Cup. Then he came to a celebration that he could enter at will without tickets, when I saw Messi, Pique, Xiao Bai, Xiao Fa, Puyol and all of you trotting around the stadium so close to me, I felt that life was really full of surprises. When I felt the love of the Spanish people around me for the players on the field and the enthusiasm for football, I immediately felt that I also became passionate, I couldn't understand their speech in Spanish, but I could only vaguely recognize their names, but that was enough for us to burst into claps and screams.

If this alone doesn't seem to be enough to make me like the city of Barcelona. So what is it?

Maybe because of the wonderful architecture of the talented designer Gaudí all over the city. The most famous landmark building, the holy family hall in the center of the city, was built in 1882 but has not been completed. Although it is an unfinished building, it has become one of the most famous scenic spots in the world. The main body of the church is dominated by Gothic style, with slender lines as the main feature, and the dome and internal structure show the new Gothic style. There is also the brisk and lively Mira House, which was built between 1906 and 1912. UNESCO listed several Gaudi-designed buildings, including Mira House, as a world heritage site in 1984. The other is Bartrow House, a six-story apartment famous for its strange shape together with Mira House, one of the classics in the history of architectural design. Gaudi's architecture is very special, his consistent style, all buildings basically adhere to no edges and corners, all soft wave shape. Gaudi once said: "art must come from nature, because nature has created the most unique and beautiful shape for people." He believes that there is no straight line in nature, the straight line belongs to human beings, and the curve belongs to God.

After all, I am not a pure football fan or an engineer who loves architecture. These are not the only reasons. Naturally, the two are not enough. The breath of Barcelona city should be the most attractive to me.

The people of Spain are wonderful and probably the friendliest of the few European countries I have ever been. In fact, there are not many conversations with them, but their smiles can make you feel the enthusiasm that is radiated all the time.

The city of Barcelona also gives people a good feeling, clean and not crowded. Although there are many tourists, it is only limited to a few famous scenic spots. The streets are empty but not cold and cheerless. The sun always looks dazzling but not strong on the body. Walking in the inner ring of the city feels like a foreign-style place with various buildings, walking to the outer ring of the city, I found that there was such leisure in addition to the characteristic life. There will be handsome Spanish men riding mountain bikes riding by you slowly or hurriedly, there will be groups of beautiful girls who are dressed cool and ready to go swimming in the sun coming towards you frolicking, there will be old people walking leisurely hand in hand, and there will be a family of four who look warm and happy.

How can you not love such a beautiful and pleasant city.

I look forward to meeting it again.

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