[Original] Graduation Season-Chen Feng (Sales Department)



Time If it is a person, he should be a traveler who can't stop, tireless, and can't find the end; the second hand is constantly moving, driving the minute hand, driving the hour hand, and driving Everyone's youth.

Just one month has passed. June 30 is the day when we get our graduation certificate and formally say goodbye to the school.

Until then, the date of the graduation banquet had been uncertain and was finalized on Sunday morning.

came to the hotel booked by the school on Sunday morning as promised. Students who had not seen each other for a year naturally said hello to each other. Some met, hugged and smiled, some directly patted their shoulders and hooked up, some had previously made an appointment to come out in groups or in pairs, and some directly found a stool to sit down and talk about the recent situation.

No matter how lonely a person is, after entering the university, there will be at least one or two friends who can make friends. Even if they don't see each other for a year, their enthusiasm will not decrease at all. They will chat together, talk about games they have played together, talk about work, talk about ideals being realized and not realized, and talk about existing or future objects, I will also make fun of the days I spent together in school, the stupid things I did, and the happy and sad things.

The graduation ceremony requires the leading teacher to speak. Some teachers have a few words of blessing, some teachers have long speeches, and some teachers directly give the students the last lesson before leaving school on the podium.

After the speech, the school arranged to divide each class into different boxes for dinner to give the students more time to get along. Although the

school also has a "prohibition on alcohol", it dared to "confront" the school rules when it was in school. A group of "bad students" who packed a bag to go to the store outside the school to buy wine and brought it back to the dormitory for a night's drink, of course, would not pack their children on the graduation banquet. The school also completely opened on this day. Boxes of wine bought by themselves were moved by the waiter and were drunk. There are no friends on the wine table, even if there are students who don't agree with each other before, they can still be enmity with a glass of wine.

The best drinker was the monitor, Fat Man, who was also sent to the teachers' box to propose a toast. When he came back, he drank with his classmates. He was basically unconscious and fell asleep in his chair. After

, the tutor came to propose a toast. Some students suddenly became sad, holding the graduation certificate in their hands. Maybe they thought that they were no longer students, or maybe they thought of the time when they could not go back. Many girls blushed and asked the teacher to hug and take pictures. The teacher's eyes also blushed and said a lot of things. They couldn't remember what they said. They just nodded and said yes.

Men are not so melodramatic, or rather straightforward. Just say that you don't get along well and come to me, or come to me wherever you go, including food and bags. Some have already started to do business, saying "remember to find me what you buy" and so on. Some can't speak, just a bear hug, and say simple words like looking for me.

Some of the students from all over the world fly back after drinking the banquet, while others have something to go first, so there are almost not many people walking. However, there are still more than 10 or 20 familiar friends who have found a nearby KTV to sing. Some of them directly sing the songs they want to sing to him (her), or to their friends, or to themselves. Some of them can't sing, so they continue to drink and take a dice while playing. The drunk squad leader fell asleep on the sofa. A prankster was painted on his face and photographed by other students as a souvenir.

Sadness is always at parting. Well, there is no sadness either. Before parting, they sent sincere wishes to each other and ended in harmony. I said hello to my classmates, and my good friends sent them to the door and waved before getting on the bus, as if they could wave away the sense of loss.

Anyway, time has passed for us to graduate. Some people will contact and have the opportunity to meet later, while some students are expected to never meet again in this life. Everyone has their own life and their own way to go. The past is over. We have left memories and taken away the future.