[Original] Poetry and Distance-Zhan Xiaoping (Marketing Department)



[Original] Poetry and Distance-Zhan Xiaoping (Marketing Department)

This is the first weekend when I moved to my new home. I woke up at 7:30. Breakfast was frozen steamed bread and yogurt heated in a pressure cooker. There seems to be nothing special to do. The straps of the sandals are degummed. I am thinking about repairing the shoes at the gate of the community, getting familiar with the environment by the way, and then buying some vegetables and fruits back.

9 o'clock, the sun has already shone on the earth. The shoe repairer's stall was on the side of the hospital, and his wife was stepping on a sewing machine to repair the legs of his trousers. Even with a large number of Pepsi umbrellas on her head, it did not prevent the naughty sunshine from swimming around on them. The couple chatted with each other, sometimes in silence, and occasionally passing acquaintances would share the fruits they had just bought with them, and then exchanged greetings and hip-hop ...... Living in a peaceful, quiet and tacit rhythm. It cost four yuan to repair a pair of sandals, which means that you can save hundreds of expenses and time to buy new shoes. So I felt happy in an instant, said goodbye to the master with a smile, and crashed into a flower shop. The store is holding Meng Tingwei's "Valentine's Day without a Lover", and people come to buy flowers in an endless stream. The owner of the florist is a girl in her twenties and twenties with lily temperament. This is the first friend I know in my new home. She said that she liked flowers since she was a child, so she went to a flower shop near the West Lake to study, worked as an apprentice for five years, then took an examination of a qualification certificate such as a florist, then went to work in a friend's shop for two years, and finally ran out to open a shop by herself. So dreams are never a one-touch thing... if I can focus on one thing for seven years.

I want to buy some potted plants and live alone. The more process is to get along with myself and buy some small green plants to put in the room or living room, so that I will feel that the whole space is full of vitality.

At first glance, it is a powerful rich tree. Although its name sounds tacky, who did not come from the world and then melt into the world.

The next thing I saw was a cactus, which actually had an allusion... In my junior year, Miss Mushroom gave me a pink potted cactus, and then... I raised it to death. I have always been bitter that such a viable plant died in my hands, so in order to make up for the previous debt, I decided to love her well.

The last thing I saw was green dill. It grows in the water gracefully and elegantly. There is really no reason not to like her.

The mood of carrying a potted plant is green, haha... It has always been my fatal flaw to be happy with things and sad with myself.

There were shops full of fruits and vegetables on both sides of the road. Suddenly, I saw a pair of grandparents selling water spinach on the roadside. Many of them attracted me to walk over involuntarily and stood in front of the stall for a long time. Grandpa said: little girl, buy food. I am a little embarrassed to say: it is too big to eat by one person. So grandma picked her ready to cook lunch for me, smiled and said, "a dollar is fine.

Opposite is a fruit shop. When I saw a lotus mist selling, the card next to it said: Shengjin Quenching Thirst, I walked over involuntarily. I suddenly remembered the taste of the school. The first time I ate lotus mist was in Zhangzhou. The red and full fruits were written with temptation everywhere, which made people salivate. So I bought some. This is how I miss school and my friends.

seldom goes to the vegetable market. Today, I walked down seriously and found that the small streets of the citizens are not only close to the people, but also very close to the people. Ha ha, then I brought a shopping bag of fruits and vegetables home in an ostentatious manner.

changed into sportswear and went downstairs for a run at night. On the steps next to the playground, students of men and women were sitting sparsely, either holding beer or chatting with milk tea straws. Everywhere was full of the taste of youth.

haha, young, nice!

There are many dreams that can be realized,

There are poems and distant places...