[Original] One Second Between Life and Death-Wu Min (Marketing Department)



On September 19, 2013, the Mid-Autumn Festival, this was a sunny day for family reunion, but who expected, a disaster came. A young man who looked like a middle school student ran a red light on an electric car in order to catch the time. Another taxi also sped past in order to catch the last yellow light. It was at such a moment that the tragedy happened. The middle school student on the bike was hit by the car and fell one meter to the left front, lying on his back in a pool of blood, he struggled and could no longer move. He still had headphones in his ears. The handlebars of the electric car were broken and deformed, and the leaves of the taxi were sunken in a large area. The scene was messy ...... The crowd of onlookers hit the 110, five minutes after the traffic police to the scene to pull up the police line, the young man was 120 an ambulance and sent to the hospital, life or death is unknown.

This is a tragedy that happened at a crossroads in the downtown area of the county seat. The scene I witnessed with my own eyes made me take a breath of air. In the blink of an eye, two families were mercilessly destroyed. Looking around the frequent traffic accidents, I hear that pedestrians are injured or killed in car accidents from time to time, which really makes people think deeply.

remember a traffic warning saying, would rather wait for three minutes than grab a second. In the final analysis, the root cause of the disaster is a "grab" word, if the middle school students do not hurry to go, wait for a second, the accident will happen? If the taxi stopped for three minutes to wait for the next green light, the accident will happen again? If the middle school students do not plug headphones driving, he can also hear the car honking in time; if... too much if already unable to assume, everything has been irreversible.

China is a country with a large population and a large country with traffic accidents. The reason why traffic accidents rank first in the world is not the problem of population, but the result of people's weak awareness of traffic safety and danger, poor self-binding force and not cherishing life. Drunk driving, fatigue driving, driving without a license, running red lights, overloading, Chinese-style crossing the road... This series of examples of car accidents should be attributed to people themselves. Life is so fragile, but people don't know how to cherish it. They once ignored the traffic law with a fluke mentality. As everyone knows, every provision in the law is stained with the blood of the victims of traffic accidents, and every word has the tears of the victims and their relatives. In fact, it is not difficult to abide by the rules and regulations, that is, to worry about them, to keep them from time to time, and to lift a finger. However, once these traffic rules are violated, it will bring regrets and a lifetime of grief.

If time could be turned back, the middle school student would definitely not choose to run the red light, and the driver would definitely choose to wait for the green light. How many people died in the car accident, and how many people regretted it after the car accident...

The car accident is fiercer than the tiger, there is only one life, she is extremely fragile, she will abandon you carelessly, a momentary choice, it could be a choice between life and death! This is a lesson of blood. As a driver, you must always be alert to yourself, grasp the steering wheel in your hand, and don't let it become a tool for killing creatures. Care for life, so that the beauty of life does not disappear due to accidents, safe travel, so that the flowers of life continue to bloom.