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Feeling at Dolphin Bay, Link: <Dolphin Bay>

Ps: If you really don't have time, it is also recommended that you start to look at it after 77 minutes. I believe you will get something from the small town of

, which is as cool as water at night, and fishermen who are sunrise and rest at dawn. Their vicissitudes of life faces may say to you: Hello! The false smile reveals a little bitterness but warmth. This is the usual picture of too many ecological documentaries. But who would have thought that such a place, such a group of people, turned this place into a slaughterhouse and turned themselves into blood-drinking and mad executioners. Coordinates of blood and killing Taiji, Japan.

23,000 or even more dolphins and whales died here in a year. Excellent performance female dolphins were left behind. After being captured, they were transported to dolphin performance halls around the world. Those dolphins with no performance value were directly inserted to death by sharp thorn rods, and then they were cut, packaged and labeled with various cetacean meat, supermarkets, dining tables and even the canteens of primary and secondary schools...

I can't help but be dumbfounded. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used the most primitive spears and swords to kill prey. Thousands of years later, human beings still use such primitive methods to kill dolphins. Is this a nostalgia for their ancestors? A second ago, the president of the Japan Whaling Association, who was defending the slaughter of dolphins, saw Rick secretly filming the video of the slaughter of dolphins. His facial expression basically did not change. He was calm as if he were looking at a piece of white paper. However, he sipped his lips and the corners of his mouth bent down. "lie to me" mentioned that this expression was called shame. But he only asked: When andWhere do you take this? In fact, no matter which country or ZF, what is the difference between what they say and what they do? In the Nanjing explosion, the official created a new popular word for the public: live broadcast. Who told you to live?

Japan is attempting to get the IWC to withdraw its ban on Japanese whale hunting by providing financial assistance to some small countries so that they can join the IWC and vote for Japan. Whales and doplins as bad guys are consuminghuge quantities of fish,so that must be killed. But isn't that hunman beings eatmore than those animals eat!!! There are three times in

that dolphins cry when facing killing. They are all messy, a bit like the sound of a tape stuck

. However, if you listen carefully, you can feel their despair beyond anything.

Bloody Dolphin Bay

says, "Never want to believe that government or institutions can solve any major problem, all social changes come from the passion of the people. What countries are good at is: negotiating, smiling, shaking hands." In fact, it is not just Japan, not just the dolphins on the verge of extinction, many, many, you know, you don't know, countries, social organizations, individuals, are doing more or less harm to nature and life. Don't scold a particular range alone, because all mankind is guilty.

If we can't make up for the lives that are dead or about to die, at least don't get involved in supporting the forces of evil. Remember who said that one day, when we need to do something for ecology, for living things, for the dignity of life, a firm idealist heart is very important. At the end of the

movie, Rick was seen shuttling through the crowd with a screen revealing the truth. The people around him were surprised, angry and even cold-eyed. However, the chaos of pushing and shoving could not shake his firm heart at all. He stood on the streets of Tokyo, standing in a crowded but increasingly indifferent world, moving the earth with his persistence, his ideals, and his persistence.

Japan is still bribing various small countries to work for him. The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Program will start recruiting troops every September,. At the end of the movie, a line of striking words appeared on the black bottom plate: Unless YouStop It. Please get involved and stop them.

After watching the movie, I couldn't say a word. I felt a sharp voice in my heart shouting. It seemed to be suffocating, so I climbed and crawled desperately... It was also like something was stuck there, dead, dead, stuck there.

I don't want to recall and exaggerate the excessive blood in the film. Those thoughts on human nature made my mind blank for a time, and the earth-shaking disgust for the whole human race defeated me instantly.

A dolphin's smile is nature's greatest deception, it creates theillusion they're always happy. when we see the despair behind the dolphin's smile, when we know that every cheer is a torture for the dolphin's keen sense of hearing

or that sentence, if we can't make up for those dead or about to die, then at least don't get involved in supporting the forces of evil. I can only silently say to myself: in this life, I will not go to the aquarium or the zoo.

From now on, stick to your ideals, see the power of NGOs and citizens, and do not believe in or follow blindly. Stand up and dare to speak.

As the end of the movie, we still see hope that Rick's 35 years of hard work will be rewarded. The Japanese Fishing Association will be fired longer than 2008, private territories will be removed from the bay center, school lunches in Taiji will remove dolphin meat, and Dominica will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission.

One day, the world will be better.

One day, facing the sea, spring flowers bloom.