The time when you were completely worn out that wanna give up...



The time when you were completely worn out that wanna give up...

Some people say that baby cried loudly when he was born because Ta was afraid that the next road would be as painful as learning from the western sky. Then he slowly became curious and opened his extremely clear eyes to understand the world and verified the conjecture step by step. However, there is no way to get the authoritative right OR error, because some people are crying and others are laughing a hundred years later... But one thing is the same: everyone has a difficult time, there will be a moment on the verge of collapse, there will be a moment when they want to give up. I once saw a very interesting cartoon:

Everyone is carrying a heavy cross, slowly and difficultly moving towards the destination.

On the way, a man suddenly stopped. He thought to himself: This cross is really too heavy. Just carrying it like this, how long and how long will it take?!

So he took out his knife and made an amazing decision: he decided to cut off some of the cross. He really did and started cutting crosses...

After cutting off, it was really much easier to walk, and his pace could not help but speed up. So, just walk and walk and walk, and walk for a long, long, long, long time.

He thought again: Although he had just cut off a piece of the cross, it was still too heavy.

He started cutting again... In this way, he suddenly felt a lot more relaxed! So he moved effortlessly to the front of the line.

Look: When everyone else is struggling to move forward with a heavy load, he can sing songs easily while walking!

was walking, but suddenly a deep and wide ravine appeared in front!

There is no bridge over the ditch and no road around it.

At this time, there is no Spider-Man or Superman to rescue him...

What should I do?!

people are slowly catching up.

They used their cross to build a bridge over the ravine and crossed it leisurely.

He also wants to do the same.

Unfortunately, his cross has been cut off for a long length before, and it is impossible to make a bridge to help him cross the ravine!

Therefore, when everyone else is moving towards the goal, he can only stop in the same place, depressed and regretful. At this time, a sentence echoed in his mind:

once had a complete cross on my shoulder. I didn't cherish it well.

I didn't regret it until I needed it.

The greatest pain in the world is this! ......

In fact, every one of us has been carrying a cross since we were born. When we were young, it may be our study to complete. When we grow up and work, it may be our various responsibilities or obligations in our work and life. When we are carrying a precipitated cross and we are struggling to move forward. When we are exhausted, do we really have the urge to do the same frustrating thing as that product? But, well said: impulse is the devil! Can not be impulsive!! O (ξ □ ξ) o then ~~ spit out!!? It's not good either, because everyone is just as hard to move, complaining can only make the resentment deeper and heavier, and then how to do it? Occasionally self-mockery, the sky will drop a big responsibility to the people also... Although it is a joke, but it is not false, since ancient times to become a big event, are extremely generous, not to lament the sky if there is love, the sky is also old, self-confidence, perseverance, tolerance, execution, change. Many times we are like a point, can touch the scope is very narrow, want to change the world? Heavy resistance and power meager, very difficult, indeed. Since we can't change the world, then we should start by changing ourselves in a down-to-earth manner, and then influence the surroundings. Slowly, the dots converge into a line, the lines converge into a circle, the circles converge into a sphere, and the dots-lines-surfaces-bodies realize their own value.

"There is some darkness that can only be crossed by oneself; Some pain can only be experienced by oneself; Some loneliness can only be tasted by oneself; However, through the darkness, we can definitely feel the temperature of sunshine. Out of pain, we will certainly reach the height of growth. Farewell to loneliness, we will certainly be able to harvest the depth of the soul." -With this, I would like to encourage and pay tribute to the tenacious relatives who have worked hard and persevered with smiles!!