[Original] Enlightenment of "Pancake"-Zhao Baojun (Marketing Department)



The word "pancake" is not unfamiliar in our lives. There are many varieties and tastes. I have eaten it in many cities on business trips. The unforgettable ones are the "pancakes" in Shijiazhuang and Baoding, Hebei ".

The "pancakes" in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province are spread out, then brushed with seasonings and added with eggs, potato shreds, lettuce, ham sausage, etc. They are characterized by large size, rich nutrition and economical benefits. The "pancakes" in Baoding, Hebei Province are baked. First, the cakes are fried in oil, then baked in an oven, then fried eggs, fried potato shreds and brushed with seasonings, with lettuce, ham sausage, etc., it is characterized by crispy, delicious and nutritious. These two kinds of "pancakes" are what I like to eat. If it is not for keeping in shape, none of them is enough to eat. For me, talking about "pancakes" is not only a meal, but also a revelation to me in the process of making and selling pancakes.

No matter what kind of "pancake" is, it is generally divided into production and sales. This is very similar to a production enterprise. Its own products are produced and then the funds are returned through sales. The same "pancake" made by different people is different because of different methods, and the quality of products produced by enterprises is also different due to different processes.

The sale of "pancakes" is also the same as the sale of products, and the sale of "pancakes" is a kind of induced sale. For example, when making "pancakes", we will ask how many pancakes, how many eggs, what intestines to add, how many intestines to add, etc. These are all ways to increase sales, which is equivalent to selling drugs. When we recommend drugs, when customers are interested in a certain drug, you can recommend several more varieties related to it. For example, if customers are interested in nimodipine, then you can recommend the vasodilatory drugs ligustrazine phosphate and sodium ferulate, which can make customers have a greater chance of cooperating with you. Therefore, a simple "pancake" can be reflected in our life and work, which really responds to the saying that experience comes from life.