[Original] Graduated and worked-Lai Qiuju (Quality Control Department)



Time passed quickly. I vaguely remember myself fighting day and night in the classroom for the exam, myself in front of the computer in the dormitory in my spare time, myself at the graduation ceremony, and myself who said goodbye to my roommate. Quietly I came to Zherong, silently, everything seemed plain but not plain.

When we graduate, we are faced with many choices. We can take the postgraduate entrance examination, take the village official examination, take the bank examination, take the civil service examination, and take the public institution examination. Unfortunately, there is a regulation this year that public institutions will no longer recruit fresh graduates from this year. Except for special circumstances, it is still freshly released. It just so happens that our current graduates have caught up, and there is no way to take the examination of public institutions., The road to the civil service examination is crowded. There is no shortage of people around us who would rather "shed a layer of skin" for the examination of civil servants. Everyone says that although the salary of official business is lower, the treatment is good, so "crowding the head" is also crowded, which I still can't understand.

Looking back, it seems that it has been dull all the way since I graduated from college, but thinking about the psychological struggle, the pressure of graduation, the pressure of employment and the pressure of family. When I graduated, I also participated in some recruitment, delivered some resumes, and of course I had two or three interviews. As soon as the resume was gone, the interview was tortuous. When choosing a career, I often hear people say that according to their own interests and hobbies, but the key is that I don't know what I like or dislike and what I want to do. My family wants me to take an examination of civil servants or institutions. When the students worked hard to take the civil service examination and the bank examination, I was interviewing a technical grower of a vegetable company. When everyone worked hard for their goals, I was still confused about choosing a job. Maybe I was pushed to the limit, or maybe I was relieved. Employment and career selection are not a matter of life and death. I have not tried how to know what position I am suitable for and what I like. I only know that the job is my own. I don't want to choose a job that I am not interested in because of others. It is also a very tiring thing to choose a job that I am not interested in. This may be my belief in choosing a job.

In today's society, we can often hear the three words after 80, after 90 and after 10. I once made a special inquiry on the Internet. Baidu said that after 80 is a synonym for the generation born after the state implements family planning according to law, A discussion on the problems faced by China after using laws to restrict human fertility for the first time in history and the problems of life, growth, and cultural development faced by the only child born after 1980. Later, the word was widely used as a synonym for people born from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 1989. Ninety and one zero are also similar words. The post-80s generation has a distinctive brand of the times brought about by reform and opening up. I am an authentic 90, in the transition zone of 80 and 10, without the struggle and struggle of 80, nor the confidence of 10, especially the ordinary and ordinary 90, who was born in the countryside and grew up in the countryside, the children of poor families are in charge early. We are more concerned about our families. We are cautious, timid and introverted in doing things, to put it bluntly, I feel that I am afraid of wolves before and tigers after. The experience of this in college life is even more profound. Different growth environments have created different personality characteristics. Friends from good families are confident and bold in doing what they want to do. They are confident and passionate. It makes me feel. Of course, I can't completely rule out some of my own factors. I admit that I am still responsible for my character defects.

I think I 've always been a cowardly and opinionless person, but I 've been brave in choosing a career. The day after graduation, I came to Zherong with large and small bags of luggage. The scene at that time could not be relieved for a long time. I hope that in the future, I can also firmly believe in my choice and have no hesitation.