[Original] "Crab" Makes Delicious-Chen Sixia (Marketing Center)



Autumn wind starts, crab feet itch. For foodies, in addition to the expectation of vacation, the National Day holiday is more coveted for food, such as crabs. When traveling in autumn, relatives and friends, young and old, travel together. As soon as they entered the Diao Cha Lake area, the show of the Crab Corps kicked off one by one. Especially those who have not set up the net, each is striving to be upward and naive. On the way, I also met some crab comrades who died early. I really want to say to them: why did I leave so early? I haven't eaten you yet! My little nephew was most excited along the way, screaming and jumping all the time.

Now after 00, there are a lot of opportunities to get in touch with nature at zero distance. It is quite early in our childhood, fishing for shrimps and lotus plants, climbing trees and propping boats to dig for artemisia, and everything was very popular. I finally came to an acquaintance's house and saw the fishing boat docked on the shore. My little sister felt itchy. So while carrying two passengers, she staged a thriller version of the youth pie, but she landed smoothly! My uncle and aunt prepared fresh hairy crabs with full weight and thanked the two kind fishermen. When the sun was setting, we set foot on our way home.

When I got home, I began to prepare a crab dinner. The process of spitting mud, cleaning and soaking them step by step is a thrilling one! All kinds of steps are only for healthier and more delicious. When the crab is on the pot, it is time to prepare the seasoning. This is the key to eating crabs. Vinegar, ginger and oil are indispensable. This is my specialty. When the red crabs come out of the pot, all the efforts are worth it, haha, a wonderful moment to eat...