[Original] Let the Flowers of Goodness Open Everywhere-Zongbo (Marketing Department)



afternoon, according to the window sill, quietly watching the yellow leaves in front of me falling from the tree, I can't help but let myself close to autumn's mind and listen to autumn's heartbeat safely.

Competency, I don't know whose window floated out a song "Cloud Water Zen Heart", so, the heart slipped through the autumn wind, living in a side of the water clouds, epiphany, if the heart has good thoughts, where is the life is not a wonderful scenery?

As we all know, people with good thoughts must be kind. Kindness is a kind of beauty of human nature, a kind of moral beauty, a kind of good sense of beauty.

Remember the famous French writer Roman. Roland once said: the soul of the most beautiful music is kind.

Yes, I believe that the song of goodness, the song of goodness will be sung and sung forever by the world. No matter where a kind person goes, he will never be spurned or rejected by others. At the same time, I also believe that only those who are kind-hearted can live in the secular world, be aloof from the world of mortals, and truly "do not be surprised by humiliation, and watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court at leisure. There is no intention to go or stay, and there are clouds and clouds outside the sky".

A kind-hearted person, his (her) words and his (her) actions will moisten things silently like a continuous spring rain, and warm people's hearts like a soft spring breeze. They will bring people a world of ink and wash that people feel and enjoy. When we walk into the world they build, we will surely find it beautiful, clear and free.

If a person has kindness, then, even though he (she) has never had anything, even though he (she) has gone from glory to ordinary, from victory to failure, I believe he (she) will still be calm, tidy up his mood, adjust his pace, look forward to tomorrow optimistically, walk through the wind and rain with a quiet heart, walk through the rugged, and move towards the future.

Good people are generally strict with themselves and lenient with others. Kind-hearted people, in fact, will know more about humiliation, understand tolerance, cherish and care, love and pay. They always think positively when things happen and are willing to think for the good.

and kind people together, who will, less a wisp of haze, more a wisp of sunshine; Less complaint, more relaxed; Less jealousy, more understanding; Less worry, more happiness; Less cold, more warmth; With kind people, everyone will gradually be influenced, and then, I began to forget the intrigue of the world of mortals, stay away from the worldly disputes over fame and wealth, insulate the intrigue of the world, hold a light grasp of understanding, cherish a love, and walk leisurely in the world of mortals. With kind people, you can certainly appreciate the splendor of life even in light white years, feel the real warmth even in cool and thin seasons, and enjoy the warm spring even in deserted places.

"All rivers run into sea, and tolerance is great; Standing on the wall, no desire is just". "Good words are heard in three winters, and bad words hurt people in June." Many unrighteous deeds will kill themselves. Good and evil are only between one's thoughts. With more help, the road is wide.

often live in the orchid room without smelling its fragrance, and are born in happiness without knowing happiness. This is the weakness and sorrow of many people in the world. We should understand and understand that in life, some people just pass by, so don't be too nostalgic. Some things are just floating clouds, so don't care too much. Some dreams are just fantasies, so don't have to expect too much.

Let's be kind people together, let the flowers of kindness bloom everywhere, let's stand together from a kind perspective to interpret everyone around us, treat everything and enjoy every scenery. Let us use the magic weapon of kindness to decipher the natural code of life, let us use the key of kindness to open the doors of those firmly locked hearts, let us do the beautiful things of adults with kind hearts, let us use kind words and deeds to warm the world, change the world and beautify the world.

Do not do to others what you would have them do to you. To be kind to others is to be kind to yourself.

Since we have been chosen to come to this world, we must know how to be kind and give, "Don't do small things with evil, don't do small things with good."

As the saying goes: The most important thing in life is not to get and lose, but to cherish what you have. When we know how to cherish and have kindness, then we can find a warmth for our hearts and find a clear sky. The four seasons of our life must be full of songs and music and dance.

No life in the world is perfect. People can envy, but they should not envy or hate. Kindness is the most basic moral character of a person. We cannot let goodness sleep or wither in shackles. We must let kindness and love coexist forever. Now that we have life, thoughts, and pursuits, we should have kindness and great love in our hearts, and use sincerity and true feelings to make a beautiful journey of life.

If you have great love in your heart, there is no way to stop it. If you have beauty in your heart, you have nothing to be angry about. If you are kind in your heart, you have no hatred. A heart with great love, good, kind, detached from the secular concept of people must be the happiest people in the world!

Don't be a bad person, don't be a bad person. "Being a man without virtue is not enough to stand up, and being a politician without virtue is not enough to make contributions". The emergence of those who move China and the most beautiful teachers, the most beautiful drivers, the most beautiful nurses and other characters actually stems from the kindness of their nature and the great love in their hearts, doesn't it?

In the world of mortals, every good thought is a clear spring, every good deed is a wisp of spring breeze, and the good place is spring. Good people will always be accompanied by happiness and happiness.

A kind person, as long as he can carry out his kindness to the end, will surely get the most affectionate kiss of life.

At the beginning of man, nature is good. "The source of good is in the heart. If you dig, it will gurgle out". In this life, we should make kindness an unshakable belief, and we should try our best to let the flowers of kindness bloom one after another and bloom everywhere.

is a kind of civilization and a kind of light. The act of kindness needs to be owned by everyone; the song of kindness needs to be sung by everyone. Let's gently scoop up the monsoon together, lightly pull the clouds, caress a string of clear sounds, let happiness bloom like orchid in the ordinary and plain, and let the song of kindness roll long in the wilderness of the world of mortals. Let's be kind and loving together, smile and walk through the cycle of the seasons.